Don't Choose a Boring H&S Trainer - Choose one who brings the course to life!

The training delivered by Compassa has been described as making health and safety training “more engaging than it has any right to be.” For many people, health and safety can be a dry and boring topic. Unfortunately, many health and safety trainers are unable to bring the course to life and make it interesting and worthwhile to people. The result? People who are even more switched off!

Why use Compassa

Compassa is different. All of our training is delivered by Will Taylor CMIOSH who has a reputation for being one of the most engaging, enthusiastic, passionate health and safety trainers on the market, whilst retaining pragmatism and approaching the training in a humble and non-pious manner. Most organisations that call upon Compassa do so because they need a trainer who can support or reinforce their H&S message, or lend credibility to a cultural change initiative. They need someone who can “sell” health and safety and switch people on.

Will Taylor

Will Taylor has been described as “as much a motivational speaker as a health and safety trainer”. His aim is to inspire change by challenging people and managers to set a higher standard for themselves, their teams, and their organisations. He brings a message of personal responsibility and extreme ownership, and combines it with the topic of health and safety. This leaves the trainees more inclined to behave more safely and take more personal responsibility for the safety of themselves and those around them.

Accredited or Bespoke Training Solutions

Compassa is an approved IOSH training provider, and is licensed to deliver IOSH Working and Managing Safely courses. These are ideal for organisations who need to get their shopfloor and line-management teams onboard and engaged with their health and safety programme. Compassa also creates bespoke health and safety training solutions, all tailored around your procedures and unique challenges.

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  • Incident investigation training, based on an organisation’s own investigation procedures.
  • Creation of a bespoke Emergency Spillage procedure, which we then implemented and trained all necessary staff on.
  • A Provision and Use of Work Equipment (PUWER) Assessor course, based on an organisation’s unique PUWER Risk Assessment checklist. This included a day of classroom training and a day of practical assessment on real machines in their workplace.
  • Engagement and Participation training for H&S Committee members for a global leader in examinations and assessments.
  • Bespoke manual handling training, based on an organisation’s own manual handling tasks. This spent more time on the shopfloor practising various lifts and moves than it did in the classroom.

Best Incident Investigation Course 2020
Nebosh Learning Partner Gold
Most Innovative Training Provider 2020
IOSH Approved Training Provider
What our clients say...

Good to see and play the part of the interviewer, rather than reading techniques and having to learn in real life. The NEBOSH Incident Investigation course gives you a head start to what to expect, it also educates you on how to get the relevant information and to remain focused on the reason you are there.

Liam Whiteley

Health and Safety Coordinator, Wedge Group Galvanising

The online NEBOSH HSE Incident Investigation course was set at the correct level. It was easy to follow and work through at my own pace. The humour was excellent, made what could have been a very dry course enjoyable. Hopefully this is the way forward with training.

John Ramage

UK QSHE Manager, Allrig

Very professional, but entertaining at the same time. Would highly recommend the IOSH Managing Safely Online Course.

Michael Daniels

Team Leader Print Industry, SGS&CO

Compassa have made H&S on line learning fun and entertaining. Great concept to learning.

Darren Wilson

Facilities Manager, The Consortium Academy Trust

Definitely the BEST online Health & Safety Course I have completed. Easy to follow with a bit of humour to help along.

Darren Dean

Contracts Manager, Checkmate Fire Solutions

“Will is an exceptional tutor. Really good technique that ensures everyone in the room is involved regardless of their individual confidence. Will demonstrated fantastic knowledge from actually DOING safety and that really shows through in the course he delivered.”

Adam Meekin

Electrical Engineer, BP Chemicals

“His teaching style is dynamic, friendly, interactive, disciplined, but most of all enjoyable and never boring. Testament to this is that all 8 of us taking the course, all from different backgrounds, passed the exams with credits and distinctions. Yes down to our own hard work, but also the superb guidance of Will.”

Trevor Jennison

Health and Safety Officer, Ideal Building Systems

“My success is absolutely down to your excellent standard of instruction, and the way that you taught us. You taught us Health and Safety very thoroughly and you ensured that we understood it – you did not treat it as a cramming exercise, just to pass an exam. Consequently: even a couple of months later, I can still clearly visualise many of the examples and cases that you quoted, in order to bring a rather dry subject to life. I am delighted; my wife is amazed.”

Bryan Price

Plant Manager, British Steel

“You made this far more engaging than it deserves to be!”

Patrick Morris

Estates Manager

“Having completed a lot of health and safety courses over the years I found this to be the most informative but entertaining at the same time. My interest was held through out the course. By being involved, constantly in actually doing something, I learnt more quickly and absorbed the content at all times.”

Alison Davis

Post-Room Assistant, Wilkin Chapman Solicitors, student of the Online Interactive Video course for IOSH Managing Safely in 2020

“Without doubt his knowledge and expertise in the H&S field is unquestionable. His way of teaching the subject was one of encouragement and captivation and his experiences in the world of H&S made the subject more realistic and understandable.”

Paul Haytree

HSE Business Partner, ISS

“Will was a fantastic teacher of the NEBOSH syllabus and a real master of the art of teaching. I always think it’s a skill to teach mature students, many of whom haven’t done any kind of study for many years but to Will it seemed a breeze and our collective results only reaffirm this.”

David Green

Health and Safety Assistant, British Steel

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