IOSH Managing Safely® – Classroom

The world’s most recognised health and safety course targeted at line managers, team leaders, and supervisors.

  • Interactive 3-day workshop which can be tailored to address your organisation’s unique challenges and priorities.
  • Highly persuasive, our unique course delivery aims not just to inform but also to persuade your people to up their game and manage more safely.
  • Perfect for organisations working to embed a positive health and safety culture and secure frontline commitment to health and safety excellence.
  • Covers the reasons to manage safely, risk assessment, risk control, legal and organisational responsibilities, hazard awareness, incident investigation, and performance measurement.
  • Includes printed or digital workbooks, two attempts at the assessments, and course certificate.
  • Can be delivered in 3-day block or over several weeks.

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With enthusiasm that's contagious!

Available face-to-face, via Virtual Classroom, or through the world’s first interactive video course for IOSH. Let me switch your people onto health and safety.

Why Compassa?

  • Profoundly and positively impacts your frontline managers.
  • Staff become more receptive to health and safety messages.
  • Your teams will develop higher levels of personal ownership of health and safety.
  • Frontline managers will gain valuable skills in risk assessment, incident investigation, and inspections.
  • They will also develop other transferrable skills, such as communication skills.
  • They’ll become better managers.

How it Works - A Tailored and Targeted Approach


Assessment of existing knowledge and commitment to health and safety.

Creation of a tailored approach.


Course delivery with ongoing monitoring and measurements to adapt our approach.

IOSH Managing Safely Increase in Performance

Measure the change in attitudes to health and safety. Collection of evidence of improvement in your performance.

Join this growing group of companies and ask Compassa for support with your Health & Safety training.

Standard content of the IOSH Managing Safely course

  • Why should we manage safely?
  • What is the manager’s role in managing safely?
  • Understanding the terms “hazard”, “hazardous event”, and “risk”
  • Learning about the use of risk ratings and risk matrices
  • Use the 5 Steps to Risk Assessment model
  • Understand the use of the Hierarchy of Risk Controls
  • Understand the meaning of the term “so far as is reasonably practicable”
  • An introduction to the legal health and safety duties of organisations and individuals, both criminal and civil
  • An introduction to the concept of Health and Safety Management Systems, how they work, and why we use them
  • Develop awareness of 19 types of hazards and the associated risks
  • Understand what risk controls can be introduced to control each
  • Understand the difference between incidents, accidents, and near-misses
  • Know why we investigate all types of incidents
  • Understand the six step process of incident investigation
  • Understand what performance measurement is and why we do it
  • Know the difference between proactive and reactive measurement (leading and lagging indicators)
  • Introduction to the concept of auditing and the audit process

“I highly recommend Will to support your safety training needs. A rare catalyst for cultural change in any business setting, Will brings about a radical shift in how your teams view safety overall, and the systems and processes that enable a world class approach and ethos to begin forming.”

John Cook Operations Director, Paragon ID

Different Methods of Delivery: Equal levels of Enthusiasm, Engagement & Change

Virtual Classroom

Three days highly engaging and interactive virtual classroom teaching via Zoom and led by Will Taylor. With extensive use of online quizzes, games, and breakout team activities to keep energy levels high and the enthusiasm flowing.

Dates: On request only

Duration: 3 Days

Location: N/A

Price: Depends on delegate numbers

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Interactive Video eLearning Course


Our use of interactive video technology resulted in Compassa being awarded Most Innovative Training Provider UK 2020 by Corporate Vision. By combining captivating video content with interactive questions that engage the viewer, we can deliver all the benefits of our classroom with the flexibility and cost of an eLearning course.

Duration: 24 hours of study time, including 8 hours of video tuition.

Price: £249 + VAT per delegate. Discounts available for bulk purchases.

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Managing People Effectively


Our interactive video eLearning course on how to manage people effectively, providing core people management and communication skills. More highly interactive video technology, combined with professional actors demonstrating real-life work situations like Handling Conflict, Giving Effective Feedback, and Listening Skills.

Duration: 4 hours of study time

Price: £139 + VAT per delegate Discounts available for bulk purchases.

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Benefits of the IOSH Managing Safely course

There is no doubt that IOSH Managing Safely is a health and safety course. But our clients tell us the people who attend don’t just get better at Managing Safely. They get better at managing everything.

  • Increased legal compliance
  • Increased reputation with your clients
  • Satisfying requirements for external accreditations such as ISO45001
  • Lower incident and accidents costs

Our Accreditations

What people say

“My success is absolutely down to your excellent standard of instruction, and the way that you taught us. You taught us Health and Safety very thoroughly and you ensured that we understood it – you did not treat it as a cramming exercise, just to pass an exam. Consequently: even a couple of months later, I can still clearly visualise many of the examples and cases that you quoted, in order to bring a rather dry subject to life. I am delighted; my wife is amazed.”

Bryan Price Plant Manager, British Steel

““A big Thank You for making this way more engaging than it has any right to be!! And for all the support and encouragement.”

Pat Morris Estates Manager, Consortium Academy Trust

““Firstly I would like to say thank you for all your hard work in delivering the course, I can honestly say that the way in which you delivered the course was fantastic. Hands down the best H&S Trainer I have ever come across in my 23 years within the leisure industry, you made a topic which is deemed to be boring interesting, valid and on many occasions funny. Due to your teaching techniques I feel that the content has stuck in my head so much more than it normally does.”

Barrie Furness Customer Service Manager, East Riding of Yorkshire Council