Compassa win two awards, including Best Incident Investigation Course 2020 by Corporate Vision

Date Posted: 11th October 2020

We received great news today! We have been awarded the Best Incident Investigation Course and Most Innovative Training Provider – UK by Corporate Vision.

Our uniquely interactive course was recognised for its excellence. It is probably the only incident investigation course available in the UK where delegates are able to complete a full investigation into an accident as well are carry out witness interviews. The highly hands-on one-day or two-day course requires delegates to collect all of the available evidence into a fictional incident and to carry out a Root Cause Analysis.

Typically, they find they cannot confirm the underlying and root causes without getting further information from a range of witnesses. Not all delegates feel comfortable interviewing the witnesses in full view of the other training delegates, but there is still an enormous amount to be learnt from observing others carry out the interviews, and witnessing their successes and mistakes.

Judges were particularly impressed with how the Incident Investigation course is tailored to the needs of each client or site. For Cambridge Assessment, which has variety of different sites and environments, two types of incident scenario were chosen: a stepladder fall for the office environments and a forklift/pedestrian collision for the warehouse and printing environment.