NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation (Video eLearning)

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This NEBOSH accredited Interactive Video eLearning course for the NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation Award is designed to develop your incident investigation and witness interviewing skills.

This is eLearning, but not as we know it. This course is designed to be highly interactive, engaging, immersive, and fun. Our award-winning innovative approach means this course is fully delivered by video, with supporting presentations, downloadable workbook and includes our Investigation Simulator with a 3D workplace, complete with incident scene, hidden evidence, and 3 witness interviews for you to carry out.

The full course is studied and assessed online, in your own time, at your own pace. Click on Book Now to set up your account.

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Six Reasons to Enrol Onto This Course

This is The Closest You Can Get to One-To-One Tuition

Interactive Video eLearning brings the tutor to YOU when YOU want it!

You Will Learn By "Doing"

Learn in our Investigation Simulator instead of just reading an online book!

Improve Your CV and Gain a Recognised Qualification

This qualification was jointly developed between NEBOSH and the Health and Safety Executive.

The Force is With This Course

We make eLearning FUN! With humour, personality, and movie/pop culture references.

It's Even More Interactive Than Being in a Classroom

Our technology requires you to participate and interact with our 3 hours of tutorial videos.

Full Tutor Support by Email or Phone

Get personal and dedicated tutor support by experienced H&S professionals.

"It's eLearning Jim. But not as we know it."

Our NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation Course in Numbers

423 Interactions and 318 Slides of Written Materials

This course has hundreds of quizzes, questions, activities, exercises, and assignments.

A 145 Page Downloadable Workbook

A beautifully designed and downloadable PDF format Workbook to refer back to in the future.

3 Hours of Video in 36 Interactive Video Tutorials

Professionally-produced and fun Interactive Video Tutorials. The closest thing to one-to-one tuition you can experience.

All 5 Elements of the NEBOSH HSE Incident Investigation Syllabus

This course covers the Reasons to Investigate Incidents, Human Factors, the Process of Investigation, Interviewing People, and Advanced Investigation Methodologies.

2 Online Assessments

Both NEBOSH assessments for this course can be completed entirely online. Marked by a REAL tutor, you will get thorough feedback on your performance.

1 Incident Investigation Simulator

Our UNIQUE Incident Investigation Simulator, with a 3D model workplace and 3 witness interviews to carry out.

Seeing is Believing!

Experience One of Our 36 Interactive Video Tutorials

NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation Award

Classroom Training Vs. Interactive Video eLearning

A Typical Classroom Course

  • The course is finished in a day. All you have is a workbook.
  • A FULL day unavailable for work. People are unable to respond to work demands.
  • Overwhelmed with information. Too much to take in in one day.
  • Stuck in a classroom. Often death by Powerpoint. All theory. No practice.
  • The quality of the training depends on the trainer.
  • Interaction varies between introverts and extraverts.
  • Difficult to find Open Courses for single delegates. Classroom courses are often cancelled due to low numbers of delegates.
  • Trainers can adapt their style to the organisation.
  • Can cost up to £525+VAT per person.

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Our Interactive Video eLearning

  • You get LIFETIME access to this course.
  • Study fits in during the working day. People remain available for work.
  • Delegates can dip in and out and assimiliate the knowledge/skills slowly.
  • Not stuck in a classroom. Includes 3D Investigation Simulator to practice the theory.
  • No variation. The delivery is consistently high quality.
  • Everyone has to interact with the course.
  • Can be bought for single or group licences. Online courses are NEVER cancelled due to low numbers.
  • Can be tailored and rebranded.
  • Costs £195+VAT per person

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Our Vision

We provide Health and Safety Interactive Video eLearning that delivers guaranteed changes in attitude and real-world results.

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    Enjoy LIFETIME Access to This Course

    Sign up today and have access for life to this course. NEBOSH and the HSE will occasionally update and amend the course syllabus. With lifetime access, you will benefit from future changes and be able to come back to get access to the most up to date information.

    Fully Accredited By NEBOSH - Compassa is a NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner

    This course is accredited by NEBOSH for their NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation Award. NEBOSH said they could "not see how this course could be improved."

    Since Compassa is a NEBOSH GOLD Learning Partner, you can be assured of support and tuition that greatly exceeds NEBOSH's Learning Excellence Principles.

    The ONLY Interactive Video eLearning Course for the NEBOSH HSE Incident Investigation Award

    Unlike other online courses for the NEBOSH Incident Investigation Award, our course is more than just an online book with some quizzes.

    Every section of the course is delivered by interactive video, supported by written summaries. The videos are professionally produced and have embedded activities transforming your learning experience from a passive viewing experience to an active experience.

    With 423 points of interaction, this course is probably even more interactive than a face-to-face classroom course.

    Need An Incident Investigation Course That is Tailored and Bespoke to Your Organisation?

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    • Perhaps you need the content to reflect your culture and values?
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    • Perhaps you would like additional content, covering your organisation's internal incident investigation procedures?

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    What Topics are Included in our NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation Course?

    • Key Terminology
    • Why Investigate Incidents?
    • The Legal Reasons to Investigate Incidents
    • The Moral Reasons to Investigate Incidents
    • The Financial Reasons to Manage Safely
    • Exercise: Financial Impact of a Serious Accident [Case Study]
    • Why Should We Investigate Near Misses?
    • Exercise: The Alton Towers Smiler Crash - 2015 [Case Study]
    • Requirements of ISO 45001

    • Human Factors
    • Organisational Factors
    • Job Factors
    • Individual Factors
    • Human Error

    • What a Good Investigation Looks Like
    • The Levels of Incident Investigation
    • Pre-Investigation Actions
    • Step 1: Gathering Information
    • Getting the Information Organised
    • Step 2: Analysing the Information
    • Immediate, Underlying and Root Causes
    • Exercise: The Space Shuttle Challenger [Case Study]
    • Step 3: Identifying Risk Control Measures
    • Step 4: The Action Plan and its Implementation

    • Introduction to the PEACE Model
    • Planning and Preparation Planning and Preparation
    • Engage and Explain
    • Account, Clarification and Challenge
    • Closure
    • Evaluation
    • Barriers to Good Investigations
    • Unwilling Interviewees
    • Blame Culture
    • Bias
    • Case-Study: Kaiser South San Francisco Hospital

    • Begin the Simulation with a first-aid report.
    • List the possible evidence you would like to collect.
    • Explore a 3D workplace to collect the evidence.
    • Visit a 3D accident scene.
    • Carry out interactive interviews with 3 witnesses.
    • Carry out a 5 Whys Analysis.
    • Identify the Immediate, Underlying, and Root Causes.
    • Identify Risk Control Measures and Priorities.

    • Fishbone/Cause and Effect Analysis
    • Event Tree Analysis
    • Fault Tree Analysis

    • Downloadable PDF workbook
    • Nearly 3 hours of downloadable MP3s of course materials
    • Guidance and Reference Materials

    Want this Course a Bit Cheaper?

    No problem!

    We also offer this course as a non-accredited option. You can do the exact same course, without the NEBOSH assessments and without the NEBOSH qualification.

    You will still gain all of the incident investigation knowledge, the skills, and all of the other benefits.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is a video with embedded activities inside it which the viewer must interact with in order to make the video progress. This transforms the viewing experience from passive to interactive. It tests knowledge, stimulates critical thinking, and creative problem-solving on health and safety issues.

    This course is the world's very first NEBOSH HSE Incident Investigation online course to be fully delivered using interactive video technology.

    We appreciate that a minority of people don't like watching videos and prefer other methods of delivery. Therefore we have included:

    • Beautifully designed written presentations.
    • Downloadable workbook.
    • Downloadable MP3s of the whole course.
    • Case-studies.
    • An Investigation Simulator.
    • Quizzes and online games.

    Whenever they like! It is an eLearning course. People can log on and study the course at a time which suits them. It is usually best to break it up into small daily chunks of 15min to 30min.

    This means studying this NEBOSH Incident Investigation eLearning course can fit in around busy schedules and ensuring your people are available for work duties and not committed to a full day in a classroom or in front of Microsoft Teams/Zoom.

    Around 1 full day, depending on how fast you absorb information and get through materials.

    In the classroom, this Incident and Accident Investigation course takes 7 hours, plus the assessments.

    However, with an eLearning course, you can progress at you own speed.

    Anyone who is involved in Incident Investigation. Including Accidents, Near-Misses, and Ill-Health who needs to improve their incident investigation skills.

    This could include aspiring Health and Safety professionals, frontline managers, supervisors, and team leaders who have day-to-day responsibility for the health and safety of their people and areas. Middle and senior managers will also benefit enormously along with those in support functions such as Facilities, Human Resources, and Health and Safety Representatives.

    If you expect your team to investigate incidents, then it is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 to provide training in incident investigation.

    The syllabus for this course has been jointly developed by NEBOSH and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The HSE are the UK's Regulator for health and safety. Therefore the syllabus and methods of assessment for this have been developed and approved by representatives of the UK Government.
    NEBOSH and the HSE consulted extensively with key stakeholders, notably accredited course providers, employers, NEBOSH Alumni and subject experts.

    There are two assessments, both of which are submitted completely online. The assignments are based on a fictional incident.
    1. A review of 3 witness interview and submission of an assignment which identifies the good and bad practices observed.
    2. Review of an Evidence Pack and Completion of an Action Plan.

    If you are unsuccessfuly at either assessment, you will receive thorough feedback from your tutor and will be asked to resubmit a new attempt with corrections.

    As long as you like. Your access is unlimited.

    For Data Protection and compliance with GDPR purposes, we will delete your eLearning account after one year of inactivity.

    There are no additional charges. All fees, including NEBOSH assessments and registrations, have been included in the price you pay.

    Full Course Details & Information

    Course Length 1 day
    Hours 7 hours of tuition
    Price £195+VAT
    Assessment 2 online assessments to submit
    Maximum Number of Delegates N/A
    Accredited Yes. NEBOSH accredited.
    Location Anywhere you like! It's online!
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