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Compassa Online Course for the NEBOSH National General Certificate – Key Features


Key Features


Fully delivered by Interactive Video Tutorials using Latest Technology More than just an online book or Powerpoint. You are tutored by an Ex-Examiner video presenter. The interactive videos requires participation and keep you switched on.
Lifetime Course Access – No Expiry Dates With unlimited and lifetime access, you can be reassured you will never have to buy the course twice. Take as long as you like.
Self-paced learning, assessment dates monthly You can study when you like and as fast or as slow as you like. With monthly assessments, you don’t have to wait long to finish the qualification once you’re ready.
100% Online course The course is studied and assessed online. You can do EVERYTHING from the comfort of your own home or workplace. Or even while travelling.
FREE Monthly LIVE Video Call Masterclasses Our video call masterclasses with our lead tutor Will Taylor are an opportunity to meet him and other delegates live, practise difficult exam questions, and discuss exam technique in a live environment.
Full Tutor Support Help is always at hand. You have access to tutor support by phone or email 5 days a week. We answer emails within a day or two.
Full written materials In addition to the videos, you can download full PDF workbooks. Colourful, well designed, full of case-studies and example. A handy reference book for the future!
Hundreds of quizzes, activities, and case-studies You get to apply the theoretical knowledge to real-life situations, knowing how to recognise what is wrong and how to put things right.
Downloadable MP3 files (audio book) With our downloadable MP3s, you can listen to the course like an audio book, even when travelling.
Delivered by NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner A GOLD Learning Partner “greatly exceeds” NEBOSH’s Learning Principles. We go above and beyond in supporting our students.
Mock Exams, Graded by Ex-Examiners Practise your exam skills by submitting mock exams to us. Get feedback and learn how to improve your performance on the real exam day.
INSTANT Access to the online course Click on Enrol Now at the top of the webpage to purchase access and get your login details INSTANTLY. Begin studying today.
Intuitive Navigation and Easy to Use Platform You won’t get lost trying to find things. Log on, see the whole structure of the course, and where to start. Simplicity incarnate!
Fun, humour, and personality We do our best to keep you entertained, amused, and switched on. It’s hard enough to do a NEBOSH course without making it drier than it needs to be.

Why should I choose Compassa's Online Course for the NEBOSH NGC?

Because you want NEBOSH eLearning which feels like a face-to-face experience. No wonder our students say “It makes studying NEBOSH online feel like it’s a face-to-face course with 1-to-1 tuition”.

It’s 100% Flexible and Studied Online. And Highly Interactive. With Humour and Personality. Because you need some Fun to get you through a NEBOSH course.

Developed and Tutored by Ex-NEBOSH Examiners who Reveal their Advanced Exam Tips to Prepare YOU for NEBOSH Online SUCCESS! (Our pass rates are 50% higher than the national average)

It’s got all the flexibility of eLearning. Study WHEN you like, and WHERE you like. At your own pace. Because you want to progress as fast or as slowly as you like.

And with LIFETIME Access, you need NEVER fear that your course access will expire. Because this is hard enough without paying expensive “extension fees”!

See full details below. Click on Enrol Now to get INSTANT access to your online NEBOSH course and Accelerate your Health and Safety Career with us.

What is the NEBOSH National General Certificate?

What is the NEBOSH National General Certificate?

The NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is the UK’s leading Level 3 health and safety qualification. Over 200,000 people have passed this qualification since it launched in 1989.

The NEBOSH National General Certificate is a regulated qualification. It is regulated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

Passing the NEBOSH NGC is considered by many to be the first crucial step in starting a career in Health and Safety. It gives a solid foundation of knowledge and skill in the management of health and safety, legal requirements, and hazards/risks and how to control these.

Course Contents and Syllabus

NEBOSH General Certificate Online Course Contents and Syllabus

The course is split into several sections.

NEBOSH General Certificate Online Course and Assessment Information

  • Pre-Course Information
  • Registration and Assessments
  • NG1 Open Book Exam Technique
  • NG2 – How to Pass your Practical Project
  • Downloadable resources (PDF workbooks and MP3s).

NG1 – Law and Management Systems

  • Element 1: Why We Should Manage Workplace Health and Safety
  • Element 2: How Health and Safety Management Systems Work and What They Look Like
  • Element 3: Understanding People and Processes
  • Element 4: Health and Safety Monitoring and Measuring
  • Mock Exam, graded by an ex-NEBOSH examiner.

NG2 – Hazards, Risks, and Controls

  • Element 5: Physical and Psychological Health
  • Element 6: Musculoskeletal Health
  • Element 7: Chemical and Biological Agents
  • Element 8: General Workplace Issues
  • Element 9: Work Equipment
  • Element 10: Fire
  • Element 11: Electricity

Course Learning Outcomes

NEBOSH National General Certificate Online Course Learning Outcomes

  • Justify health and safety improvements using moral, financial and legal arguments.
  • Advise on the main duties for health and safety in the workplace.
  • Help their organisation manage contractors.
  • Work within a health and safety management system, recognising what effective general policy, organisation and arrangements should look like
  • Positively influence health and safety culture and behaviour to improve performance in their organisation.
  • Do a general risk assessment in their own workplace – profiling and prioritising risks, inspecting the workplace, recognising a range of common hazards, evaluating risks (taking account of current controls), recommending further control measures, planning actions.
  • Recognise workplace changes that have significant health and safety impacts and effective ways to minimise those impacts.
  • Develop basic safe systems of work (including taking account of typical emergencies) and knowing when to use permit-to-work systems for special risks.
  • Take part in incident investigations.
  • Help their employer to check their management system effectiveness – through monitoring, audits and reviews.

Course Duration / How Long Does it Take?

How Long Does it Take to Pass the NEBOSH General Certificate Online Course?

Access to the Course is for LIFE. It is will never expire.

NEBOSH recommend investing 108 hours of study to pass the NEBOSH National General Certificate qualification.

This equates to 3 weeks of full-time study.

If you invest 8 hours a week (e.g. 45min every weekday lunch plus a morning on a weekend), you can pass the qualification in as little as 3 months.

If you invest 4 hours a week (e.g. 30 min every weekday lunch plus a 1.5 hours on a weekend), you can pass the qualification in 6 months.

In practice, the time spent studying NEBOSH online courses varies immensely and depends on YOU. Some people study every single section thoroughly and even study them multiple times. Some skim through parts that are less relevant.

With a NEBOSH online course, YOU are in control with the pace of study.

Please note: to comply with the Data Protection Act and NEBOSH terms and conditions, we are required to periodically delete all customer data that is no longer needed. Any student that does not log into our eLearning platform for more than 12 months will be considered “dormant” will have their account deleted and all associated data. The account can be restored upon request, but the progress and other data cannot be recovered.

Tutor Support

What NEBOSH Tutor Support do I Get?

Tutor Support is available by email and by phopne 5 days a week, for, 9am to 5pm. Tutors will normally answer emails on the same working day and, occasionally, may also answer on a weekend.

Who is my NEBOSH General Certificate Online Course Tutor?

Your Lead Tutor is Will Taylor CMIOSH. He is a NEBOSH trainer with 20 years’ experience and an ex-Team Leader for a NEBOSH Examiner Team. He has written exam papers for the NEBOSH National Diploma and has a wealth of knowledge he can share with you on:

  • How examinations are marked.
  • How the marking schemes are structured.
  • Easily to use tips on how to write and structure your NEBOSH exam answers to gain the maximum marks.

Will Taylor personally marks and gives feedback on all Compassa’s NEBOSH Mock Exams.

Will is also an ex-examiner for NEBOSH practical projects and has marked these for the NEBOSH General Certificate, National Diploma, and Fire Risk Management Certificate for over 10 years. He can share his wealth of knowledge on how to write the practical projects to almost guarantee a pass on the first submission. Provided you follow his instructions!…

Level of the Qualification

The Level of the NEBOSH National General Certificate

This is a Level 3 qualification based on the UK’s National Qualifications Framework (NQF), the equivalent of an A-Level. It is a demanding qualification that will require effort and time on your part.

The qualification is regulated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

Professional Memberships

What Professional Memberships Can I Get By Gaining the NEBOSH General Certificate?


Upon successful completion of the NEBOSH National General Certificate online course and qualification, you will eligible for Associate Member Status with IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health). This will enable you to use the AIOSH post-nominals after your name and on your CV.

Provided you meet the criteria on health and safety experience, you would qualify for Technical Membership of IOSH. This would give you the right to use TechIOSH post-nominals.

Please note: membership status is upon application to IOSH who reserve the right to decline.


Holders of the NEBOSH General Certificate will qualify for Associate Membership of the IIRSM (International Institute of Risk and Safety Management). This allows you to use the AIIRSM post-nominals behind your name and on your CV.

Who are NEBOSH?

NEBOSH – National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health

NEBOSH stands for The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health. They are a world renowned and leading global organisation. They  design and award health, safety and environmental qualifications. NEBOSH qualifications are highly respected by governments, employers and our learners. In the UK, NEBOSH qualifications are generally considered to be the gold-standard health and safety qualifications.

NEBOSH was founded in 1979. Since then, almost 550,000 people from around the world have passed a NEBOSH qualification.

Who is the NEBOSH General Certificate For?

Who Should Pass the NEBOSH General Certificate Online Course?

The NEBOSH National General Certificate is suitable for both aspiring health and safety professionals and other professionals whose main responsibilities are NOT health and safety.

Professionals who have some responsibility for managing health and safety or managing risks within their departments will hugely benefit from passing this qualification. This includes Production, Operations, Engineering, Maintenance, Human Resources, and General Managers.

The NEBOSH NGC qualification is the first stepping for most new Health and Safety professionals. In fact, many H&S professionals are able to practise their chosen profession with only the NEBOSH NGC. For those who wish to progress further, there are other NEBOSH qualifications which can be added to your portfolio. Check our our Health and Safety Career Starter Pack or the NEBOSH National Diploma.

The Cost of the NEBOSH National General Certificate Online Course and Assessments

Cost Cost: £459+VAT

Please note, this does not include the cost of NEBOSH registration for the assessments. These are payable later when you are ready to register for the assessments. These are charged at the applicable NEBOSH rate plus an additional administration fee of £25+VAT.

Cost of sitting the NG1 Open Book Exam: £85 (NEBOSH fee) + £25+VAT (Administration fee) = £115 inc VAT.

Cost of sitting the NG2 Practical Project: £85 (NEBOSH fee) + £25+VAT (Administration fee) = £115 inc VAT.

Assessment Overview

How is the NEBOSH National General Certificate Assessed?

There are two assessments:

  • The NG1 Open Book Exam
  • The NG2 Practical Project (a risk assessment and report, based on your own workplace).

Passing both assessments will result in gaining the NEBOSH National General Certificate qualification.

The exams and projects can be completed monthly. Usually, on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

There is NO need to attend an exam centre. You can sit the assessments in the comfort of your home or workplace.

NEBOSH NG1 Open Book Exam

The NEBOSH Open Book Exam

This is completed online and is not invigilated. You will need to log on to the NEBOSH platform and will be given a realistic work scenario with a series of questions to test your understanding.

You have a 24 hour window to download and submit your exam answers.

It normally takes a minimum of 4 hours to complete it. Some people take longer.

Results will take at least 8 weeks.

The pass mark is circa 45% but varies slightly depending on the difficulty of the paper.

Once you have passed NG1, there is no need to resit it if you fail the NG2 project.

You can sit NG1 by itself or at the same time as submitting the NG2 practical project. You get to choose when you register.

To prepare you for the exam, we provide several tutorials on exam technique, hold regular Exam Masterclasses, and ask you to complete 2 mock exams.

NEBOSH NG2 Practical Project

The NEBOSH NG2 Practical Project

This is a risk assessment supported by a report to management. It is submitted online. It is a significant piece of work and must meet various criteria to pass.

The NG2 is submitted within a 10 day period after the monthly NG1 exam date (regardless of whether you are sitting the exam that month or not).

There is no pass mark. It either meets all of the critical criteria or it doesn’t i.e. it is pass or fail.

It will take at least 8 hours to complete. Some delegates take longer to complete it.

Results take at least 8 weeks.

You can sit NG2 by itself (after sitting the NG1 exam) or submit it at the same time as sitting the NG1 exam.

To prepare you for the NG2 project, we provide full video tutorials on how to complete it, a video series on key mistakes to avoid, and ask you to take part in a series of assignments where you submit work for us to review. These can then be used when writing your NG2.

In the unlikely event of failing your NG2 project, you will receive feedback from the examiner. With this, you can make corrections to the project and resubmit it.

Please note: NEBOSH expressly forbid course providers from reading and pre-marking your NG2 practical project.

NEBOSH National General Certificate Online Course Pass Rates

Our latest pass rates are:

NEBOSH NG1 Open Book Exam: 100%

NEBOSH NG2 Practical Project: 100%

The national average across all course providers hovers between 55% and 70%.

(Last updated on 1st August 2023)

NEBOSH General Certificate Online Course – Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements, other than to have a sufficient grasp of the English language. The NEBOSH assessments are in English.

It is also important to have sufficient time to commit to studying the course.

Delegates would benefit from existing knowledge of basic health and safety. For this reason, we do recommend delegates complete the IOSH Managing Safely course first so they can first gain a foundation of basic knowledge.

Plese use our eligibility checker below, to check you meet the criteria to enrol onto the course.

Ready to Enrol and Start your Journey?

Enrol now and enjoy instant and lifetime access. You’ll immediately receive your login details for our NEBOSH National General Certificate Online Course.

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