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Everything You Need To Know - IOSH Managing Safely Online Course

IOSH Managing Safely Online Course Pass Rates

Since this online course launched in October 2020:

IOSH Online Assessment: 100% pass rate on the first attempt

IOSH Practical Project: 92% pass on 1st attempt. 100% pass on the 2nd attempt.

(Last updated on 27th February 2023)

Compassa Online Course for IOSH Managing Safely – Key Features


Key Features


Fully delivered by Interactive Video Tutorials using Latest Technology You are tutored by Chartered Member of IOSH video presenter. Our IOSH course is more than just an online Powerpoint with text-heavy slides. The interactive videos requires participation and keep you involved.
Lifetime Course Access – No Expiry Dates Your course will never expire and you will never have to pay any extension fees.
Self-paced learning, sit your assessments when you like You can study when you like and as fast or as slow as you like. The assessments can be attempted as soon as you finish the course. No need to register.
100% Online course You can do EVERYTHING online, where you like and when you like.
Full Tutor Support You have access to your tutor support by phone or email 5 days a week.
Full written materials In addition to the videos, you can download full PDF workbooks.
Hundreds of quizzes, activities, and case-studies Highly practical, with lots of interactive elements and real life case-studies of what not to do and how to make things safer.
Downloadable MP3 files (audio book) Like to listen? We cater for you too. Download the MP3s.
Fully approved by IOSH IOSH described this course as “different to any other IOSH Managing Safely course on the market”.
INSTANT Access to the online course Click on Enrol Now at the top of the webpage to purchase access and get your login details INSTANTLY. Begin studying today.
Intuitive Navigation and Easy to Use Platform Log in, click My Courses, select IOSH Managing Safely, and click on your first tutorial. It’s so simple to find your way around.
Fun, humour, and personality We do our best to keep you entertained. We try to make health and safety funny. H&S can be boring enough without making it even more boring!

What is IOSH Managing Safely?

What is IOSH Managing Safely?

IOSH Managing Safely is the world’s most popular health and safety course for frontline managers and team leaders.

The course syllabus and assessments were developed by IOSH. The world’s largest membership body for health and safety professionals.

Passing IOSH Managing Safely is often people’s introduction to the fascinating topic of health and safety management. Many delegates get the “health and safety bug” and decide to progress onto the NEBOSH National General Certificate which is the first serious steps towards a health and safety career.

Course Contents and Syllabus

IOSH Managing Safely Online Course Contents and Syllabus

The course is split into seven modules.

IOSH Managing Safely Online Course and Assessment Information

  • Pre-Course Information
  • Downloadable resources (PDF workbooks and MP3s).
  • Module 1: Introducing Managing Safely – Why should we manage safely?
  • Module 2: Risk assessment.
  • Module 3: Controlling risk.
  • Module 4: Health and safety law and management systems.
  • Module 5: Hazards, risks, and controls. 20 types of hazards, including fire, noise, machines, vehicles, work at height, slips/trips, manual handling, etc.
  • Module 6: Incident Investigation.
  • Module 7: Measuring health and safety performance.

Course Duration / How Long Does it Take?

How Long Does it Take to Pass the IOSH Managing Safely Online Course?

Access to the Course is for LIFE. It is will never expire.

Most people take 12 to 15 hours in total.

If you invest 15min a day, 5 days a week, you could pass within 6 weeks.

With an IOSH Managing Safely online course, YOU are in control with the pace of study.

Please note: to comply with the Data Protection Act and IOSH terms and conditions, we are required to periodically delete all customer data that is no longer needed. Any student that does not log into our eLearning platform for more than 12 months will be considered “dormant” will have their account deleted and all associated data. The account can be restored upon request, but the progress and other data cannot be recovered.

Tutor Support

What IOSH Managing Safely Tutor Support do I Get?

Tutor Support is available by email and by phopne 5 days a week, for, 9am to 5pm. Tutors will normally answer emails on the same working day and, occasionally, may also answer on a weekend.

Who is my IOSH Managing Safely Online Course Tutor?

Your Lead Tutor is Will Taylor CMIOSH. He is an IOSH trainer with 20 years’ experience and has worked in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, financial services, aviation, hospitality, and entertainment.

Who are IOSH?

IOSH – Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

IOSH stands for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. IOSH is the chartered professional body for health and safety in the workplace and the world’s largest membership for health and safety professionals. It acts as a champion, supporter, adviser, advocate and trainer for those who protect the safety, health and wellbeing of others. IOSH has around 48,000 members, from over 130 countries.

Who is IOSH Managing Safely For?

Who Should Pass the IOSH Managing Safely Online Course?

IOSH Managing Safely is targeted at frontline managers, supervisors, and team leaders. By the nature of their role, they have day to day responsibility of the health and safety of their teams. This course will equip them with the knowledge and skills to manage their teams safely.

The Cost of the IOSH Managing Safely Online Course and Assessments

Cost Cost: £249+VAT

All costs are included in the price. There are NO extra fees. For anything. Period.

Assessment Overview

How is the IOSH Managing Safely Online eLearning Course Assessed?

There are two assessments:

  • The IOSH online test.
  • The IOSH practical project (a risk assessment).

Passing both assessments will result in gaining the IOSH Managing Safely course certificate.

The exams and projects can be attempted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is NO requirement to register in advance. You attempt them when you are ready.

There is NO need to attend an exam centre. You can sit the assessments in the comfort of your home or workplace.

IOSH Managing Safely Online Test

The IOSH Managing Safely Online Assessment

This is completed online and is not invigilated. It is carried out on Compassa’s eLearning platform.

It is made up mainly of multiple choice questions and drag/drop activities.

You have 45 minutes to finish the online test.

The pass mark is 60%.

Once you have passed online test, there is no need to resit it if you fail the practical project.

If you fail the test, you are required to retake it.

IOSH Managing Safely Practical Project

The IOSH Managing Safely Practical Project

This is a mini-risk assessment.

The practical project MUST be submitted within 2 weeks of passing the IOSH online test.

It is usually takes about 20 to 30min to complete.

The pass mark is 60%.

To prepare you for the IOSH project, we provide a full video tutorial on how to complete it and written explanations. These can then be used when writing your risk assessment.

In the unlikely event of failing your IOSH project, you will receive feedback from the assessor. With this, you can make corrections to the project and resubmit it.

What is an Interactive Video?

What is IOSH Interactive Video eLearning?

An interactive video is a form of video that allows users to interact with content within the video itself. It transforms the passive video watching experience into an active video participation experience. Thanks to this technology, Compassa have produce NEBOSH and IOSH courses that replicate a classroom experience. You are being trained by a video tutor who asks you questions and sets you activities like in a real classroom environment.

Of course, there is much more than just interactive video in the course. We provide full written materials, lots of case-studies, quizzes, activities, and assignments too. Plus downloadable full-colour PDF workbooks and audio MP3s.

What's Next after the IOSH Managing Safely?

What’s Next after IOSH Managing Safely?

Learners wishing to progress in their health and safety career should strongly consider further qualifications.

Currently we have available:

Ready to Enrol and Start your Journey?

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