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Compassa Online Course for the NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation – Key Features


Key Features


Fully delivered by Interactive Video Tutorials using Latest Technology More than just an online book or Powerpoint. You are tutored by an Ex-Examiner video presenter. The interactive videos requires participation and keep you switched on.
Lifetime Course Access – No Expiry Dates With unlimited and lifetime access, you can be reassured you will never have to buy the course twice. Take as long as you like.
Self-paced learning, assessment dates monthly You can study when you like and as fast or as slow as you like. With monthly assessments, you don’t have to wait long to finish the qualification once you’re ready.
100% Online course The course is studied and assessed online. You can do EVERYTHING from the comfort of your own home or workplace. Or even while travelling.
Full Tutor Support Help is always at hand. You have access to tutor support by phone or email 5 days a week. We answer emails within a day or two.
Full written materials In addition to the videos, you can download full PDF workbooks. Colourful, well designed, full of case-studies and example. A handy reference book for the future!
Hundreds of quizzes, activities, and case-studies You get to apply the theoretical knowledge to real-life situations, knowing how to recognise what is wrong and how to put things right.
Downloadable MP3 files (audio book) With our downloadable MP3s, you can listen to the course like an audio book, even when travelling.
Delivered by NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner A GOLD Learning Partner “greatly exceeds” NEBOSH’s Learning Principles. We go above and beyond in supporting our students.
Interactive Investigation Simulators
Practise real world investigation skills with our completely unique 360 investigation simulator, and witness interview simulators.
INSTANT Access to the online course Click on Enrol Now at the top of the webpage to purchase access and get your login details INSTANTLY. Begin studying today.
Intuitive Navigation and Easy to Use Platform You won’t get lost trying to find things. Log on, see the whole structure of the course, and where to start. Simplicity incarnate!
Fun, humour, and personality We do our best to keep you entertained, amused, and switched on. It’s hard enough to do a NEBOSH course without making it drier than it needs to be.
  • Element 1: The Reasons for Investigating Incidents
  • Element 2: Human Factors
  • Element 3: Investigating Incidents and the Steps to Incident Investigation, including the 5Whys Technique and getting to Root Causes.
  • Element 4: Interviewing Witnesses and the PEACE model.
  • Element 5: Advanced investigation techniques, including Fishbone Analysis, Event Tree Analysis, and Fault Tree Analysis.
  • Investigation Simulator, with our 3D workplace and interactive witness interviews.
  • Your NEBOSH assessments.
  • Downloadable resources (workbook and MP3s).

The Cost of the NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation Online Course and Assessments

Cost Cost: £237+VAT

There are 2 online assessments to submit as part of this course.

Assessment Overview

How is the NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation Assessed?

The assessments are provided by NEBOSH and are carried out online on the Compassa learning management system. There is NO need to travel to an exam centre or training venue.

You can complete your assessments at any time or date. It is completely flexible.

Once you have registered with Compassa for your assessment, you will be sent a link to everything you need, including instructions on how to complete and pass the assessment on the first attempt.

You are tasked with observing a series of pre-recorded witness interviews following an accident and commenting on the good and bad practices you observe.

You will also have access to some photos of the accident scene and will need to create an action plan showing the causes of the incident and your recommendations to prevent recurrence. You will be able to download all the template documents to use from the Compassa learning management system.

In the event that you fail your assessment on the first attempt, there are NO additional fees to pay. Your tutor will provide you with clear feedback on where you went wrong and how to improve. You then make the necessary corrections, and submit a modified attempt. So far, 100% of our learners have passed either on their 1st or 2nd attempt.

Full Course Details and Information

Duration of Course Access Unlimited, no expiry
Hours Usually 7 hours, depending on how quickly you progress through the course.
Price £237+VAT
Assessment 2 online assessments to submit
Maximum Number of Delegates N/A
Accredited Yes. NEBOSH accredited. We are a Gold Learning Partner.
Location Anywhere you like! It’s online!
Can the content be tailored to my organisation? No.

How long have I got to finish the NEBOSH Incident Investigation Course?

You get LIFETIME access to the course. We do NOT try to get extra money out of you by claiming you need to pay “re-registration fees” or anything like that.

You can take as long as you like to complete the course.

If you do not log on to our eLearning platform for 12 months or more, we reserve the right to delete your account and all associated data. This is for data protection purposes which require us to remove data we no longer need. However, we will restore access to the course at your request.

Does the certificate for the NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation Award expire?

NO! The course certificate has no expiry date. It never runs out. Obviously, if you do not practise the skills or knowledge your competence may fade over time and a refresher course might be a good idea. But you decide when you need a refresher, not NEBOSH!

What is an Interactive Video?

What is NEBOSH Interactive Video eLearning?

An interactive video is a form of video that allows users to interact with content within the video itself. It transforms the passive video watching experience into an active video participation experience. Thanks to this technology, Compassa have produce NEBOSH and IOSH courses that replicate a classroom experience. You are being trained by a video tutor who asks you questions and sets you activities like in a real classroom environment.

Of course, there is much more than just interactive video in the course. We provide full written materials, lots of case-studies, quizzes, activities, and assignments too. Plus downloadable full-colour PDF workbooks and audio MP3s.

ELCAS Funding for MoD Service Leavers

What Funding is Available for the NEBOSH General Certificate Online Course?

Compassa’s NEBOSH video eLearning courses are approved and registered for ELC funding under the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS)

Provider number: 12253

Click here for further information.

Ready to Enrol and Start your Journey?

Enrol now and enjoy instant and lifetime access. You’ll immediately receive your login details for our NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation Online Course.

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