NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health

In-House Delivery for Employers Only – Please contact us for possible dates and costs.

  • Study with Will Taylor, one of the UK’s premier NEBOSH tutors, with intimate knowledge of NEBOSH exams and technique and NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner.
  • Highly interactive experience, with online quizzes, games, case-studies, and exercises.
  • Delivered over 11 weeks, giving ample time to absorb the knowledge and put it into practice.
  • Get ready for the new Open Book Exam.
  • We are a GOLD NEBOSH Learning Partner, meaning we greatly exceed NEBOSH’s Learning Excellence Principles.
  • FREE enrolment onto our video eLearning course “Managing People Effectively”, because your soft skills are just as important as your health and safety knowledge.

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An 11-Day course, delivered expertly over 11 weeks to maximise your chances of NEBOSH exam success

Most NEBOSH course providers expect you to study in 9 days, and absorb large amounts of information in a very short time.

Our NEBOSH General Certificate course is different.

We deliver it over 11 weeks, one day a week (not including half-terms and school holidays). This includes additional time for revision, games, interactive exercises, mock exam questions, and exam preparation.

Join this growing group of companies and ask Compassa for support with your Health & Safety training.

Hear what our past NEBOSH students have to say!

In this short video, get a flavour of our engaging and effective methods at delivering NEBOSH courses. Hear from:

  • A health and safety manager who says H&S training is usually boring but ours has been a “real pleasure”.
  • An employee of East Riding Leisure who says our NEBOSH training stands out “head and shoulders above anyone else”.
  • A Health, Safety, and Quality Director who says we bring “the subject matter alive in a way that I’ve not seen any other trainer do”.
  • A Leisure Centre manager who says we make “a fairly heavy subject FUN!”

Engaging and Interactive – Not Death by Powerpoint!

Our NEBOSH National General Certificate course includes daily games, activities, quizzes.

  • Online Quizzes
  • Regular Student Feedback
  • Practical Activities
  • Group Exercises
  • Videos and activities designed to be FUN!
  • Modern Study Materials
    Designed with NEBOSH exam Success in Mind!
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NEBOSH Mock Exam Performance

Maximise your chances of NEBOSH success

With our knowledge and understanding of NEBOSH exams and assessments and how these are marked, we will put you through a programme of daily mock questions proven to prepare people for NEBOSH exam success. These will help you embed your knowledge and understanding, and be able to handle whatever NEBOSH exam questions are thrown your way.

  • Daily mock NEBOSH exam questions
  • One-to-one feedback
  • Group feedback
  • Tracking of your performance and progress over 11 weeks
  • Gain insights on how NEBOSH exams are marked and the best technique to answer questions and get maximum marks

“Will is an exceptional tutor. Really good technique that ensures everyone in the room is involved regardless of their individual confidence. Will demonstrated fantastic knowledge from actually DOING safety and that really shows through in the course he delivered.”

Adam Meekin Electrical Engineer, BP Chemicals

Full Course Details & Information

Course Length 11 Weeks
Hours 77 hours of tuition compared to the industry minimum of 68.
Price Depends on number of delegates
Assessment One Open Book Exam and One Practical Project. One attempt at each included in the course fee.
Maximum Number of Delegates 20
Accredited NEBOSH is accredited by the SQA. This is a level 3 qualification.
Location In person at your premises or via Zoom

Will Taylor


Will Taylor has been described as “as much motivational speaker as a health and safety trainer”. His aim is to inspire change by challenging people and managers to set a higher standard for themselves, their teams, and their organisations. He brings a message of personal responsibility and extreme ownership, and combines it with the topic of health and safety. This leaves the trainees more inclined to behave more safely and take more personal responsibility for the safety of themselves and those around them.

What does the NEBOSH National General Certificate cover?

NG1: Management of Health and Safety

Element 1: Why we should manage workplace health and safety
Element 2: How health and safety management systems work and what they look like
Element 3: Managing risk – understanding people and processes
Element 4: Health and safety monitoring and measuring

NG2: Workplace Hazards, Risks, and Controls

Element 5: Physical and psychological health
Element 6: Musculoskeletal health
Element 7: Chemical and biological agents
Element 8: General workplace issues
Element 9: Work equipment
Element 10: Fire
Element 11: Electricity

How is the NEBOSH National General Certificate Qualification Assessed?

NG1: Open Book Exam

The new NEBOSH Open Book Exam is downloaded from the NEBOSH portal. You have 24 hours to complete the exam and upload your answers to the NEBOSH portal. You are allowed to consult your course materials, study book, and the internet as much as you like.

The exam is based on a realistic workplace scenario. You then have a series of questions or “tasks” to carry out. You need to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of how health and safety works in practice. The main benefit of this new Open Book approach is there is no longer any need to memorise vast amounts of information or lists of bulletpoints to pass the exam. However, do not underestimate the difficulty of the exam. It is still difficult to pass.

To pass you need to score at least 45 marks out of 100.

NG2: Practical Application

The practical application is submitted after the exam. Essentially it is a risk assessment based on a real workplace and a report to management. It has 4 parts:

Part 1: Description of the Organisation and Methodology
Part 2: Risk Assessment
Part 3: Select 3 Actions and write a report to management
Part 4: Review Date, Communicate, and Follow-Up

The practical application is probably the hardest aspect of the course due to the lack of a pass mark. It is simply a Pass or a Refer. If just one part of the NG2 practical fails to meet the pass criteria, the whole practical fails. This means it is very important that you have a course provider and tutor who will thoroughly explain to you what is required and what mistakes to avoid. This will maximise your chances of passing on your first attempt.

What You can Expect from Us and What We Expect from You

If we both play our part, we can achieve great things together.

  • We will do everything we can to help you pass on the 1st attempt – Everything “legal” that is!
  • An Engaging and Memorable Experience Interactive Sessions
  • We won’t JUST teach you to pass, we also share valuable real-life experience from the frontline
  • We will be available by email to support you in between the study sessions
  • A friendly, encouraging, and supportive atmosphere
  • All necessary study resources
  • Your first assessment fees are included in the course fee. No hidden extras.
  • Commitment. You will do everything you can to pass on the 1st attempt.
  • Attend all of the sessions, unless otherwise agreed
  • You will be able to commit at least 4 hours a week for revision
  • No distractions, no phones or dealing with emails/social media on your laptop
  • Share your own real-life experience with the rest of the class, no one knows your job better than you
  • Encourage and support your fellow students
  • Allow others to speak and contribute, don’t monopolise or disrupt the sessions
  • Tolerate views and opinions which may differ from yours
  • Be open with your tutor on any support needs you have
  • Daily mock exam questions, marked as a NEBOSH examiner would
  • Performance measurement, keeping track of your mock exam marks during the 11 weeks
  • Individual and group feedback on exam question performance
  • Expertly coached on knowledge and exam technique

The one-day-a-week over 11 weeks format of our course is deliberately designed to deliver results. It will:

  • Give you enough time between study sessions for you to absorb and understand course information
  • Allow you to pace yourself and perform at your best
  • Prevent you from being overloaded or overwhelmed with information
  • Give the group sufficient time to engage in enjoyable and interactive study activities, instead of just being lectured at
  • Allow a full-day for pre-exam preparation and revision
  • Fit in more easily with your work and family commitments

“Having completed a lot of health and safety eLearning courses over the years I found this to be the most informative but entertaining at the same time. My interest was held throughout the IOSH Managing Safely course. By being involved, constantly in actually doing something, I learnt more quickly and absorbed the content at all times.”

Alison Davis Post-Room Assistant, Wilkin Chapman Solicitors

Our Accreditations

“My success is absolutely down to your excellent standard of instruction, and the way that you taught us. You taught us Health and Safety very thoroughly and you ensured that we understood it – you did not treat it as a cramming exercise, just to pass an exam. Consequently: even a couple of months later, I can still clearly visualise many of the examples and cases that you quoted, in order to bring a rather dry subject to life. I am delighted; my wife is amazed.”

Bryan Price Plant Manager, British Steel

“WOW. Just enrol, you certainly will not be disappointed.
Yes, you will have to commit to study time, in return you will receive inspirational, intuitive tutoring and support. My group (The Covid Class of 2020), attained a 92% pass rate, regardless of the ongoing pandemic.
Will is certainly a tutor like no other, who works incredibly hard to deliver a difficult subject, in an unprecendented way.”

Mel Shepperson Team Leader, Howden's Joinery

“Took my NEBOSH training with Will Taylor from Compassa from January 2020. What a fantastic experience. Will made what is a very gruelling subject, fun, interesting and extremely engaging. His enthusiasm and energy for teaching is second to none and is infectious, he inspires like no other tutor I have ever experienced. I honestly do not think I would be sat here today, writing this review, with a NEBOSH General Certificate without Wills excellent tuition. I cannot recommend him enough!”

Jason Thurlby H&S Officer, Hurst Doors