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CPD Certified Managing People Effectively Online Video Course

This unique and CPD Certified video course is designed to help you learn how to manage the people around you better, to get more out of your relationships with them, and how to handle difficult conversations.

It is non-health and safety specific, meaning it is beneficial for both health and safety and non-health and safety professionals. The course is studied and assessed online, at your own pace. Click on Enrol Now to get immediate access to your course.

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Everything You Need To Know - CPD Certified Managing People Effectively

  • This online video course is fully approved by the CPD certification scheme. You will receive a genuine CPD certificate upon completion. This is emailed to you as a pdf document.
  • This is an interactive video course where you get to participate in the video tutorials. The video include paid actors who roleplay common workplace situations showing good and bad practices.
  • The course has a total of 30 tutorials covering common workplace situations and challenges.
  • The videos are fully supported by written materials, slides, quizzes, interactive exercises.
  • Each tutorial comes with a handy downloadable cheat sheet with the simple steps on how to handle that type of conversation.
  • You get full tutor support by an experienced and qualified tutor by email or phone.
  • All fees are included in the price paid upfront. There are no extra or hidden charges.
  • Enrol and start the course today. No need to wait.
  • Study online WHERE you like and WHEN you like. This is 100% online. No need to attend a training venue or examination centre.
  • The course takes about 8 hours to complete. There are 4 hours of interactive video tutorials.
  • You get LIFETIME access to the course. No expiry date.
  • Includes a downloadable PDF course materials and MP3s to listen on the move.

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More than just a PowerPoint – This is 21st Century Video eLearning

"I've noticed a change in personal attitudes towards me"

Liam Whiteley, a Health and Safety Coordinator, completed this course. He found it helped him build better and more personal relationships with those around him.
He noticed a change in personal attitudes towards him. This helps him get better engagement with the workforce, more cooperation, and more buy-in to health and safety initiatives.

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Six Reasons to enrol onto this Managing People Effectively Course

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100% Flexible and Online

Study online, 24/7 using any internet capable device.

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Engaging and Interactive

This is more than just slides. It’s an interactive video course where you participate in the videos.

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Improve your Soft Skills

Learn how to handle, persuade, and influence those around you.

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Learn Simple Strategies

Learn simple step-by-step strategies on how to handle common workplace situations and conversations.

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Lifetime Access

There is no expiry date for the course. Take as long as you like. Or pass it really quickly if you’re in a hurry.

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Be a Better Influencer

Managers and health and safety professionals are more effective when they learn how to influence and get more out of others.

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Meet Your Tutor

Will Taylor CMIOSH

Will is the creator of this course. He has over 20 years’ experience in health, safety, and operations management and is a chartered member of IOSH.
He is also a qualified Ericksonian Hypnotist and Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and deeply passionate about the topic of influencing others in the workplace to do good.

How does CPD Certified – Managing People Effectively work?

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Step 1

Enrol on to the course and receive your login details

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Step 2

Study the course, learn, develop better people management skills

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Step 3

Self-reflect and identify opportunities to practise each technique

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Step 4

Complete all tutorials and receive your certificate

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Key Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Part 1: The Fundamentals of Managing People

  • The Role of the Manager
  • Find Out Your Preferred Management Style
  • The Different Management Styles
  • Tell the Truth (Or At Least Don’t Lie)
  • You Are Personally Responsible for Everything
  • The Power of Relationships
  • Control Your Ego

Part 2: Start with Yourself

  • Perceptual Filters: The Map is NOT the Territory
  • Do You Really Listen?
  • Handling Criticism
  • Being Open to Feedback
  • There’s No Such Thing as a Dragon

Part 3: Getting the Best out of Others

  • Set the Example of Force Breeds Resistance
  • Two of the Most POWERFUL Words in the English Language
  • One Simple Trick to Get People to Commit
  • Empowering and Delegating
  • Giving Orders
  • Giving Effective Praise
  • When Praise Becomes Counterproductive
  • Giving Empowering Feedback
  • Holding a Performance Review

Part 4: Handling Difficult Conversations

  • Getting to the Point
  • Embracing and Handling Conflict
  • Getting Alignment in Meetings
  • Saying “No” Effectively
  • Holding People Accountable
  • Delivering Criticism With Tact
  • Handling Emotional Colleagues
  • Dealing With Toxic Characters

Each tutorial has a section where you are required to self-reflect on your previous performance, failings, and successes regarding the topic in question.

You are then asked to identify future opportunities for you to practise the strategies and techniques taught in the course.

Successful completion of all the tutorials leads to you receiving your CPD Certificate of Completion which is emailed to you automatically as a pdf document.

Duration of Course Access Unlimited, no expiry
Hours Usually 7 to 8 hours, depending on how quickly you progress through the course.
Price £139+VAT
Assessment Self-reflective statements to complete
Maximum Number of Delegates N/A
Accredited Yes. CPD Accredited. We are an approved CPD Member.
Location Anywhere you like! It’s online!
Can the content be tailored to my organisation? No.

No, there are no extra charges. Everything is included in the price you pay upfront.

You get LIFETIME access to the course. We do NOT try to get extra money out of you by claiming you need to pay “re-registration fees” or anything like that.

You can take as long as you like to complete the course. This means it’s useful as a future resource. Have a difficult meeting or conversation planned? Log on to the course to refresh your memory on the best strategy for handling that!

If you do not log on to our eLearning platform for 12 months or more, we reserve the right to delete your account and all associated data.

This is for data protection purposes which require us to remove data we no longer need. However, we will restore access to the course at your request.

NO! The course certificate has no expiry date. It never runs out.

Obviously, if you do not practise the skills or knowledge your competence may fade over time and a refresher course might be a good idea.

But you decide when you need a refresher, not CPD and not us! If you need a refresher, just log back on to your course since you have LIFETIME access!

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The course fees of £119+VAT include all fees and give you LIFETIME access. Enrol today and and immediately receive your login details for our Managing People Effectively course.

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Our Accreditations

Changing lives, one course at a time

CPD Certified Managing People Effectively
I thought the quality of this course was very high. The content was incredibly valuable and presented in an engaging and accessible style. It has been great hearing how much my team have enjoyed it and seeing them apply principles and skills already.

Lou Squires Headshot
Lou Squires Managing Director - Clifton St Annes Ltd

CPD Certified Managing People Effectively
This is the second course I have done through Compassa and again, it has been brilliant! Engaging, knowledgeable , funny and interesting. I have tried e-learning previously and didn't enjoy it, however, the course was delivered in different ways to meet different learning styles and there are resources to ensure learning and understanding.

Hana Wake Headshot
Hana Wake HSE Manager - McAuslands

CPD Certified Managing People Effectively
Having recently been given a chance to lead a team, I had no clue as to how best I could manage the team, this course proved timely for my situation. I loved the practicality of the course and its application in day to day people management. I was especially keen to learn how to hold performance reviews an aspect adequately covered. The course is also interactive, unlike most other e-learning courses, it kept me focused all through, with the self-reflection sessions giving me time to deeply think about what I was going to do to improve my skills and how best to practice and deploy the strategies!! I highly recommend the course for first-time managers like myself!

Jacob Kazungu Headshot
Jacob Kazungu Health, Safety, Environment, Training and Operational Excellence Manager - OML Africa Logistics Limited

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The course fee includes all fees and gives you LIFETIME access. Enrol today and and immediately receive your login details for our Managing People Effectively course.