IOSH Leading Safely

The world’s most recognised health and safety course for senior leaders and Directors.

  • A short 5 hour workshop which can be tailored to address your organisation’s unique challenges and priorities.
  • Highly persuasive, our unique delivery aims not just to inform your management team but also to win them over to health and safety.
  • Perfect for organisations working to embed a positive health and safety culture and secure senior commitment to health and safety excellence.

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Win Your Directors Over to Health and Safety

Available face-to-face or via virtual (Zoom) training, this 5 hour workshop will win over your directors and senior leaders and leave them with a documented action plan to transform your health and safety performance.

Why Compassa?

  • Credible and persuasive course delivery to win over even resistant senior leaders.
  • All courses are tailored to the audience and culture of the organisation.
  • A pragmatic and non-pious approach which all senior managers can relate to.
  • Experienced in delivering senior manager and director internationally.
  • Focused on developing action plans and personal commitments to deliver improvements in real-life.

How it Works - A Tailored and Targeted Approach

Pre-Course Diagnostic Questionnaire

14 Questions on key behaviours helping to diagnose the current culture and priorities of the team and organisation.

Persuasive and Engaging Course Delivery

Delivery of an interactive workshop covering leadership, benchmarking current performance, and how to drive performance improvements.

Action Planning and Personal Commitments

The course ends with the completion of personal action plans and commitments. These are reviewed by the course facilitator.

Join this growing group of companies and ask Compassa for support with your Health & Safety training.

Standard content of the IOSH Leading Safely Course

  • What is Leadership
  • What is safety and health leadership and why is it important?
  • Key Behaviours for successful safety leadership
  • Diagnostic questionnaire on safety leadership behaviours
  • What are the characteristics of a good leader?
  • Which are the top three that apply to you?
  • What current drivers are acting on your organisation?
  • What does compliance in OSH mean to you?
  • Do you know of any organisations being proactive in terms of a beyond compliance approach to OSH?
  • Beyond compliance
  • Where is a beyond compliance approach successfully driving business growth?
  • Which model of safety does your organisation most closely resemble?
  • Which model of safety would you like to adopt?
  • Which indicators do you recognise in your organisation?
  • Which have you possibly seen in the past?
  • Are there any you see emerging?
  • Are there any that might be achievable next steps?
  • Identify and describe the steps you need to take as a leader to make necessary changes in your organisation to move it to the model of safety you wish to adopt.
  • Consider the indicators in the model you wish to adopt
  • Identify top three gaps
  • Outline key factors for change
  • For a specific gap, identify key players to help you get decisions made
  • Identify potential barriers
  • Explore approach to reach and influence decisionmaker by leveraging people in your sphere to carry your message
  • For a specific gap, identify and consider the relevant competencies
  • Suggest ways under your control that you can take as next steps to putting improvements in place
  • Benefits of investing in OSH
  • Identify possible leadership strengths and areas for improvement in a real-life case study
  • Which model of safety might the organisation most closely resemble?
  • Why did it happen?
  • What are the implications?
  • How will you ensure it never happens again?
  • Questionnaire feedback
  • Personal commitments
  • Outcome goals, performance goals and process goals

Benefits of the IOSH Leading Safely course

  • Improves the skill-set of leaders and makes them more effective.
  • Increased understanding of health and safety best practice around the world.
  • Enables benchmarking of personal and organisational performance against others.
  • Helps shape the personal and organisational health and safety vision.
  • Identifies steps towards achieving your health and safety ambitions.

“Will is a rare catalyst for cultural change in any business setting. He brings about a radical shift in how your teams view safety, enabling a world class approach and ethos to begin forming.”

John Cook Production Director, Groupe Atlantic

Different Methods of Delivery: Equal levels of Enthusiasm, Engagement & Change

Virtual Zoom Training


5 hours of highly engaging and interactive virtual classroom teaching via Zoom and led by Will Taylor. With extensive use of online quizzes, games, and breakout team activities to keep energy levels high and the enthusiasm flowing.

Dates: On request only

Duration: 5 hours

Location: On Zoom

Price: Depends on delegate numbers

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Face-to-Face Delivery

Face-to-Face delivery, for a direct and hands-on approach with your senior team.

Dates: TBA

Duration: 5 hours

Location: At your premises – In-House only

Price: TBA

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Our Accreditations

What people say

“It was not something I was looking forward to, but it was excellent and engaging. The use of our company's financials really made it hit home with the potential penalties.``

John Lewthwaite Chief Executive, Checkmate Fire Solutions Ltd.

“Will is a rare catalyst for cultural change in any business setting. He brings about a radical shift in how your teams view safety, enabling a world class approach and ethos to begin forming.”

John Cook Production Director, Groupe Atlantic

“I can’t recommend you highly enough for anyone with health and safety training needs.”

Helen Marson Group HR Director, Rix Group