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Your privacy is important to us

So we’ve created this privacy policy to protect your rights.


The basic principles of Compassa’s privacy policy are:

  • Compassa shall not make use of your Personal Details without your permission, except where necessary to supply the services expressly requested by you (e.g. by way of using one of Compassa’s services).
  • Compassa shall give you the opportunity to check and correct the information relating to you.


“Personal Details” refers to every detail concerning a known or identifiable natural person or persons’ device. Examples of these details are: name, date of birth, e-mail address, postal address, etc.

“Anonymous Data” are data that cannot be traced back to natural persons. In other words, these are data that cannot be used to identify you. They include details relating to the way you use the Compassa websites. Anonymous Data also include the domain names and/or IP addresses of internet browsers that consult the Compassa websites, the times at which the websites are visited, and other data that cannot be used to identify natural persons. Anonymous data help Compassa to improve its website and service on the basis of user behaviour.

Collection and use of personal details –  Registration

You can visit our website and use Compassa’s services without providing your Personal Details to Compassa. You will only be asked to provide certain Personal Details to Compassa if you register as a Compassa newsletter subscriber, submit an enquiry through our online contact forms, register for a consultation or webinar, or enrol to become a learner on one of our courses. You will also be asked for some Personal Details if you request information about our services or general information.

For instance, Compassa requests Personal Details (such as your first name and surname, e-mail address, website address, etc.) so that we can contact you.

Compassa uses this information for the following purposes: to provide you with support in the use of its products and services; to use your first name and surname in e-mail messages and newsletters that Compassa sends to users of its services; to inform you about new services.

Sharing Personal Details with others

Compassa shall not share any Personal Details with third parties without your consent unless you are a learner studying an approved or accredited course linked to an external body such as IOSH/NEBOSH. In such cases, we will share your personal data with the relevant external body to administer your assessments and obtain your course certificates.

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties

Publication of your identity

Compassa occasionally receives requests to publish the identity of the users of the Compassa website and services. Compassa refuses all such requests, unless it is obliged by law to comply with them.

Anonymous Information

Compassa collects Anonymous Data when users visit its website or use its services, even if the users are not registered as users with Compassa. Compassa uses this information to improve the overall level of service.

Attendance on Webinars

Compassa organises publicly accessible webinars which are delivered through a variety of webinar and video call technology (e.g. Zoom, WebinarJam). If you register for a webinar, you accept that your name may be publicly visible to other webinar attendees. If your microphone and webcam are switched on, your audio and video may be transmitted to others in the webinar just like on a video conference call. This is to ensure that Compassa’s webinars are interactive and allow lively discussion between the presenter and attendees.

Webinars may be recorded and these recordings distributed amongst other webinar attendees. Whole or part webinar recordings may also be broadcast or shared on the internet or social media. By registering and attending a webinar, you give consent to your name/image/voice being used in this way.

Cookies (and how they are used by Compassa)

A “cookie” is a package of information that is sent by a webserver to your browser and then stored on the hard disk of your computer. Cookies do not damage your computer. Cookies make it easier to surf the Internet, because they save your preferences while you are visiting the Compassa website. This allows Compassa to adapt the site to your needs. By adjusting the settings of your browser you can say whether or not you want to accept cookies. If you decide not to accept any cookies, your may benefit less from the use of our site and some elements will not work as intended.

Use of IP addresses

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a series of numbers which is automatically assigned to your computer when you log in via your internet service provider or via your organisations network. This can be via a single-location network, or LAN known as a “Local Area Network”, or via networks at various locations which are connected to each other, a WAN known as a “Wide Area Network”. Webservers, which are the powerful computers inter-connected via the Internet, allowing communications, which make it possible to show/display a website to the visitors device, detect and identify your device ort computer through its Internet Protocol Address Location, known as an IP address while you are surfing online.

Compassa may collect IP addresses for the following purposes:

  • to survey user behaviour and the geographic origin of users of the Compassa website and to provide anonymous user information to Compassa’s advertisers. Compassa does not match any IP addresses of users to Personal Details.


Compassa protects its databases with firewalls and passwords. Compassa has introduced security measures to safeguard that customer information available to Compassa cannot be lost, abused and/or altered. Only specific employees of Compassa have access to the databases containing your Personal Details. Although Compassa cannot guarantee that the Personal Details will not be lost, abused or altered, Compassa does everything possible to prevent any such problems.

Contacting Compassa

If you have any questions about these privacy rules or about the site, contact: