Jewel Health and Safety and Wellbeing

Jewel Health and Safety and Wellbeing on the Compassa NEBOSH Incident Investigation Course.

Client: Jewel Health and Safety and Wellbeing
Services: NEBOSH Introduction to Incident Investigation

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Pete Kenningham. I’m the Managing Director at Jewel Health and Safety and Wellbeing. I’m a graduate member of IOSH.

Why did you take the Incident Investigation Course?

That’s a good question. You advertise it as engaging, and as soon as I saw that I thought ‘engaging health and safety course?…Yeah… Delivered online? I was very skeptical.

Throughout lockdown like many people, I’ve done quite a few eLearning courses. They’ve been very, dare I say boring. They’re very difficult to actually complete. It’s taken many many months to complete some of them because they’ve just been so text heavy. Read this, fill in this text box etc.

I was very interested to see what the incident investigation course from Compassa would be like, and could it really be engaging? To my surprise, it was! I actually enjoying taking part in the course.

What did you like most about the course?

What I liked most about the course was that it was engaging. It certainly wasn’t boring, and it kept my attention. It wasn’t a lot of text on the screen, the presenter was explaining things very well, it would flip to a slide and then back to the presenter. It was presented very well and kept you engaged.

It wasn’t the sort of course that you could have on in the background whilst doing something else. It kept my attention, to complete the course.

How has the course improved your investigative skills?

It’s helped my investigative skills a lot. Just after completing the course, one of my clients actually had an incident, it really helped me improve the way I would normally conduct an incident investigation.

They have been incredibly impressed by the degree that I’ve gone through this investigation. We’ve actually gotten to the root causes and come up with a number of things to put into place for that client.

What would you say to people considering this course, and are torn between doing this in a classroom or online?

If someone is looking at taking this course, and would normally like the classroom environment, I would certainly recommend that they look at this.

Being such an engaging course, it’s almost like a classroom environment, but unlike the classroom, you can complete this when you have the time. You could do 20 minutes today, half an hour tomorrow and leave it for a week if you don’t have the time. That’s a big benefit that I’ve found regarding not being within a classroom.

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