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A J Building try out our interactive video course for IOSH Managing Safely.

Client: A J Building (Hull)
Services: IOSH Managing Safely eLearning

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Joe Tandey. I’m the Operations Manager for A J Building based in Hull. Also do a bit of contract management as well, so I’m out there surveying and building jobs.

Why did you decide to do the IOSH Managing Safely course with Compassa?

The Number 1 reason being with Covid and everything else dictates that we need to operate in a safe environment. And we just didn’t feel that sitting in a classroom environment at the current time was a sensible option. So doing it in our time, in the office, the ability to drop on and off of the course, do it at our own pace, everybody works differently.

How would you describe the course in three words?

Fun, intelligent, because of the way it is interactive video, and easy to use.

What makes it fun?

I think what makes it fun is it’s not like any other health and safety course I’ve ever done. You know, you can find yourself bored sat at a computer learning. The fact it was interactive, the fact there are funny little clips in there, the fact that Will’s personality and charisma comes across. There are a lot of elements to it which make it a fun course to do.

What’s different about the Compassa version of the IOSH Managing Safely course?

The main difference I found between the IOSH Compassa course and other eLearning courses is it’s not strictly an eLearning course. It’s an interactive video course. I found that kept me a lot more gripped, kept me a lot more interested, it made me want to see the next video. It just didn’t feel like learning on a computer like most courses do. It keeps your interest levels up, so it makes you want to get back on and complete the course. So we found it really user friendly, easy to use, easy to learn from. And interesting. Which is key because when you’re in the office and you’re doing something like eLearning you can drift off and decide you just don’t want to do it anymore. With this course we’ve all just enjoyed doing it so we’ve carried on and ploughed through.

In your own words, what is an interactive video course?

An interactive video course it’s different because of your questions, your pop ups, everything. You’re answering questions, you’re taking part in little activities, there are some funny bits which come up, questions that are completely irrelevant to health and safety but it makes it a little bit of fun. So me myself, I was interested and watched every second of every video, which you had to because you couldn’t progress without doing it. But that for me is key because you know your staff are truly learning, because they’re having to do stuff within the video that they can’t get past otherwise.

What did your staff think to our IOSH Managing Safely interactive video course?

So the staff that I work with that I put on the course as well, they’re very much of the same opinion as me. They found it almost an exciting course to do. Instead of being one that you approach with intrepidation each day, they found the same as me, they found they just wanted to get back on the course and learn more.

Has the course made your staff want to manage work more safely?

Yes, the course has made my staff want to manage things more safely. They want to show that they’ve taken everything on board, they want to show they’re putting things into practice. And of course, because I did the course alongside of them it makes them want to show me that they’ve actually learnt from the course as well. And I can see already that they have.

What impact has our IOSH Managing Safely course had on A J Building?

The impact the course has had on our business is that we’re now more readily looking for hazards, making sure we’re identifying things before they become an issue which is really the key thing of Managing Safely. It’s trying to see things BEFORE they occur.

What was your favourite part about the course?

I suppose one of my favourite parts about the course was having a good laugh at Will. You know why not? If you’re going to see someone do something daft in a video you’re always going to have a bit of a laugh at them. And it was amusing to see what other madcap ideas he came up with.

Other than interactive videos, what else is in the course?

That’s another good thing about the course because everybody learns in different ways. Now I enjoyed the videos, but everything is downloadable as pdfs. So you can get it all downloaded to your computer, print it out if you want to sit there with some paper. You can download MP3 audio recordings, you can listen to it while driving. You know, the options to fit how people want to learn are there. For me the video was enough and I was really happy with. But for a bit of revision, I did download the pdfs and go through them before doing the assessment.

How long did it take you to do the course?

All in, I think it took me maybe approximately 3 full days to get through the course. But bearing in mind I was dropping on and off for half and hour or an hour, here and there, throughout my normal course of the day.

What would you say to people and businesses who are considering this Compassa IOSH Managing Safely course?

I would recommend them to go for the Compassa course. You know, at the end of the day, it’s good value for money, you’ve got your staff still on site or in the office so if something more pressing comes up they need to prioritise they’ve got the ability to do that. Just get it bought and get on the course and start doing it.

What would you say to businesses who are reluctant to invest in an eLearning course?

I would say to them don’t be reluctant. And the main reason eLearning courses have not been good in the past is the lack of motivation on the staff’s part really. This course grips you, it grabs you, it makes you want to continue on with the course more.


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