Spillage Training – Adapted to your own Spillage Procedures 

If you have a spillage procedure, maybe as part of your ISO 14001 accreditation, then it is important that you have a fully trained spillage team who are ready to act when a spillage occurs. Speed is of the essence. They must act before the spill has a chance to enter drains or pollute watercourses. Furthermore, there is a chance that the substance is flammable or harmful, and can harm people if the spillage occurs inside a poorly-ventilated building. 
We will take your own spillage procedure and adapt our training to suit you. We will include information on the substances that you are most likely to spill, their risks, how these should be cleaned up, the particular hazards and pollution pathways on your site. Everything your teams need to know to ensure you comply with relevant Environmental legislation. 

Spillage Training – Theory plus Hands-On Practice 

1. A theoretical session on spillage clean up, including information on your sites substances, procedures, spillage equipment, etc. 
2. A practice spillage clean up, using a harmless substance, using your own spill equipment on your own site. We will use a realistic scenario. 

The Benefits of Spillage Training 

You will have a group of competent people to handle spillages quickly and efficiently. 
Your team will be familiar with the spillage equipment you use on site. 
Your team will have much greater awareness of the pollution pathways you have on site, such as drains and ditches, and will endeavour to protect these in the event of an incident. 
You will have a record of training, to assist you with ISO 14001 accreditation and other audits. 
Length of Course: 4 hours 
Accredited: Certificate awarded by Compassa 
Assessment: Observation throughout the course, and short end of course test 
Maximum number of delegates: 12 
Location: At employer’s premises, nationwide. Upon request only. 
Can it be bespoked? Yes. 
If you want to arrange some spillage training for your staff, please call us on 07725 467 197 or email will@compassa.co.uk 
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