PUWER Assessor Training – More than just checking CE marks 

Under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, you are not explicitly required to “assess” your work equipment. However, you are expected that work equipment comply with the Regulations. And it’s surprising just how often it doesn’t!  
Most people assume that if equipment has a CE mark, then it complies with the law. However, the requirements for CE marking and PUWER are quite different. In fact, even the CE mark is not a guarantee of safety. Many "dodgy" manufacturers from within and outside the EU are happy to apply a CE mark to their product even when it does not comply. 

PUWER Assessor Training – Theory and Practical 

We can train your staff to be competent to carry out PUWER assessments on fixed and portable work equipment. This will involve thoroughly familiarising them with equipment hazards and risks, the content of the PUWER Regulations, how these apply to machines, and common solutions/controls to hazards.  
In particular, we will examine when risks need to be controlled “so far as is practicable” and when they should be controlled “so far as is reasonably practicable”. If you wish, and we would recommend this, we will then spend a day on the shopfloor carrying out PUWER Assessments on your machines and work equipment. This allows the delegates to apply the theory of PUWER assessment to the reality of their work equipment, and further embeds their competence. 

PUWER Assessor Training – Tailored to your own procedures 

If you already have a PUWER Assessor checklist or document that you use, we can develop the training around this and completely bespoke the course to your own procedures and requirements. Alternatively, if you do not yet have a document or procedure to use, we can also provide one that is used by many companies. 

The Benefits of PUWER Assessor Training 

The benefits of arranging the theory and practical training is that: 
You will you have a group of people who are competent to carry out PUWER assessments 
You will have completed several PUWER Assessments on your own work equipment already. This won’t be just training, you will also have gotten some work done! 
You will be making progress at controlling one of industry’s major risks. Machinery accidents cause serious injuries on a regular basis. A quick look through recent HSE prosecutions reveal many machinery accidents, often involving rotating or cutting parts. Typical tasks which expose people to risks include cleaning, maintenance, and clearing blockages or jams. Usually without isolating the equipment. 
Carrying out thorough PUWER assessments on these tasks will reduce the likelihood of these incidents occurring in your workplace. 
Length of Course: One day for the theory, one day for the practical 
Accredited: Certificate awarded by Compassa 
Assessment: Observation throughout the course, and short end of course test 
Maximum number of delegates: 16 
Location: at employer’s premises, nationwide. Upon request only. 
Can it be tailored? Yes. 
If you want to arrange some PUWER Assessor training for your staff, please email will@compassa.co.uk or call Will on 07725 467 197 
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