Incident and Accident Investigation Training – A Hands-On Experience 

Our one-day Incident and Accident Investigation Training does more than just teach the theory of accident investigation. It does more than just death by powerpoint. It does not rely on watching videos of accidents, or commenting on poor investigations. Our Incident and Accident investigation training will give the delegates the opportunity to investigate an accident in a table-top exercise which lasts around two thirds of the day. 
After going through some of the basics of why incidents should be investigated, and the basic steps they will need to follow, the delegates will be formed into groups. Each group will be given an accident report and will be expected to begin gathering information so they can piece together what happened and why. 
This one-day training course focuses heavily on reaching root causes by using the 5 Whys investigation technique. It will require at least some of the delegates to carry out a witness interview to complete the investigation. 
“Will really brought the course to life!” 
Jade Orchard, Health and Safety Advisor, High Peak Scaffolding Ltd 

Incident and Accident Investigation – Learn By Doing 

At Compassa, we believe strongly that skills are developed by “doing”. Our Incident and Accident Investigation training course lends itself perfectly to that. The delegates will learn the basic steps to accident investigation whilst carrying out an investigation for real. 
After attending the course, it was described as “First Class” by Rix Petroleum Managing Director Duncan Lambert. 

Incident and Accident Investigation: Tailored to your Investigation Procedures 

As with all Compassa training, the Incident and Accident Investigation course can be tailored to your own organisation’s investigation procedures. We can use your own documents, policies, procedures, reporting forms, etc. to make the training and the table-top exercise as realistic and as close to real-life as is possible within the confines of a meeting room. 

Benefits of the Incident and Accident Investigation Training 

This course will give your staff and managers the skills they need to carry out non-technical investigations of incidents in their workplace. These skills will be even more effective when the individuals are formed into teams with technical skills, such as engineering. 
The course focuses on helping your investigators understand how to identify the root causes of incidents, and also that the root causes of health and safety incidents are often the same root causes of quality defects, breakdowns, production delays, and other, wider, organisational problems. 
Incident investigation is a transferable skill, meaning that the skills developed in this course will also be of use during other types of investigation e.g. disciplinaries, grievances, quality defects, complaints, etc. 
From a wider viewpoint, this course has proven useful in helping reinforce a positive health and safety culture within organisations, by emphasising the value to the organisation of rectifying the root causes of incidents and how this can support the organisation’s growth. 
Length of Course: One day 
Accredited: Compassa certificate received after completion 
Assessment: Combination of observation and end of course test 
Maximum number of delegates: 16 
Location: At employer’s premises, nationwide. Upon request only. 
Can it be bespoked? Yes. 
To enquire about having this course delivered to your teams, please call us on 07725 467 197 or email 
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