Fire Warden and Evacuation Training – Who Needs Training? 

If you have a Fire Emergency and Evacuation plan, it’s important that people are trained to follow it. Different people may need different training. For example: 
All staff need to know the basic alarm and evacuation procedures 
Fire Wardens (or Marshals) need to know how to do sweeps and roll calls, and safely assist people with disabilities. 
Engineers or Facilities staff need to know how to use the fire alarm panel and how to check if there is a real fire. 
Incident Controllers need to know how to manage an incident, liaise with the fire and rescue service, and how to dynamically risk assess the situation and make decisions to keep everyone safe. 

Fire Warden Training – Tailored to your own Procedures 

Before we develop the training, we will examine your own fire procedures and ask you some questions so we truly understand how the plan works. Then we will incorporate your requirements into our standard training. 
For example, if your organisation carries out sweeps of the workplace, we will train them how to carry out sweeps safely, and possible routes they could take. If you don’t do sweeps and instead just focus on roll calls, then we will discuss roll calls. One client used a megaphone to do a roll call, so we took the group outside to practise using the megaphone. It’s actually harder than it looks! 
Length of Course: 4 to 8 hours, subject to complexity of your procedures 
Accredited: Certificate awarded by Compassa 
Assessment: Observation throughout the course, and short end of course test 
Maximum number of delegates: 16 
Location: at employer’s premises, nationwide. Upon request only. 
Can it be tailored? Yes. 
If you want to arrange some fire warden and evacuation training for your staff, please email or call Will on 07725 467 197 
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