Compassa Launches world's first interactive video course for IOSH Managing Safely Blog Post

Compassa launches world’s first interactive online video course for IOSH Managing Safely®

You did what???

After many months of tireless work, Compassa has produced an IOSH eLearning course like no other. This IOSH Managing Safely® course has been designed, not just to inform, but to engage, entertain, and PERSUADE!

We took this dry subject

We have taken the dry subject of how to manage safely, a topic that usually bores the socks off the most committed line-manager, and given it a new lease of life. We have raised the standard of health and safety and IOSH eLearning courses, which are known to be not the most exciting of activities. In fact, many health and safety managers are somewhat embarrassed to ask their staff to complete these online courses. Instead, they usually lock the delegates in a room for 3 days with an experienced trainer and hope for the best.

We were terrified

When we submitted this Managing Safely® course to IOSH for approval, we were terrified they would reject it for being too fun, too engaging, too persuasive. We spent months making it, and poured our personalities, humour, and soul into its production. We thought perhaps it would be too “wacky”, too “left-field”, too “unique” in its approach.

You know what IOSH said?

IOSH rose to the occasion. They said in their official feedback to us:

“I really like the direction you’ve taken with the course as a whole – it’s very different to any other versions of MS on the market and I’m confident you’ll do well with it.”

IOSH Feedback

This course is made for real people

We are real people and we made this course for real people, like you. Written and designed by Will Taylor, who has worked in health and safety management and training for nearly 20 years, it is a course designed to win over line managers and supervisors. In his own words:

“The hardest part about delivering Managing Safely® is getting line managers to WANT to manage safely. If you can persuade them to do it, then the rest naturally falls into place.”

Will Taylor CMIOSH

The Secret

The approach we took was firstly to give credit where credit is due: being a line-manager is HARD. It involves spinning plates of meeting deadlines, commitments, service levels, ensuring quality, customer satisfaction, minimising waste, maximising efficiencies, keeping people happy, AND making sure everything is safe and done safely.

It’s often viewed as an impossible task and you win a line-manager over by covering up this inconvenient fact. In fact, you win them over by acknowledging it, by pointing at the elephant in the room. Health and safety is another task on top on a load of other tasks.

Then we told them what’s in it for them

We have trained hundreds, maybe thousands, of line-managers how to manage safely. And we have learnt that many of them don’t really care all that much about the law. Or the financial performance of the organisation. Or even their moral duty to keep their staff safe. Many managers do care about these things of course. And there are many who don’t really think about these things on a daily basis at all.

So what do ALL managers care about then?

All managers, good and bad, care about making their life easier and less stressful. And that’s why we have included in this course lengthy activities and discussions to highlight just how their failure to manage safely makes their life harder. And then we show them how investing a bit more effort and time into managing safely leads to less stress, fewer problems, and more time to focus on the important things.

And most of all

We made it fun! This unique IOSH Managing Safely® online video course is packed full of gags, jokes, humour, terrible special effects, and regular references to 1980s and 1990s pop and movie culture. We deliberately do not take this subject too seriously. It is serious enough as it is. And to treat it like a religion comes across as pious and zealous.

You don’t just “watch” the video

This course is the world’s first IOSH Managing Safely® “interactive video” course. It includes over 6 hours of video tutorials which you must interact with. This means the video will ask the learner questions which the learner must respond to and answer correctly in order to progress. It means you have to engage and interact. It is not just another eLearning course where you click on “Next” repeatedly to get to the end.

This online course is the closest you can get to

a classroom course. We have made a course that gives you the made benefits of “eLearning”:

  • Flexibility – log on and study at your own time, progress at your own pace
  • Good option when you have too few learners to warrant paying for a classroom course
  • Low cost – it’s always cheaper than paying for a classroom tutor

And then combines the above benefits with the other benefits of Compassa’s outstanding IOSH classroom experience:

  • Interaction with a tutor
  • Presented with personality and dynamism
  • Seeks to engage and persuade, and not just to inform

No other course provider will tell you this

Compassa recognises the health and safety training industry’s most dreadful secret. It is this:

“You can’t Manage Safely unless you know how to Manage People.”

Will Taylor, when he’s feeling provocative

This is why

For every learner who is enrolled on our IOSH Managing Safely® online course we will include free of charge access to our Managing People Effectively course. This is a communication and leadership skills course designed to complement the Managing Safely® course. Because Managing Safely requires you to be able to manage people, to set expectations, to communicate clearly, to get their commitment, to hold them to account, to coach and to mentor them, it is almost impossible to keep people safe if you can’t get them to do the things you need them to do to keep themselves safe.

This Managing People Effectively course aims to solve that problem. It presents key leadership skills through over 4 hours of interactive videos, and requires learners to put these into practice.

Let us help you

To find out more about our IOSH Managing Safely® online video and our Managing People Effectively courses, please visit the course pages or contact Will Taylor directly on or 01482 739 090.