The good news is, overall we have a 90% pass rate for the NEBOSH NG1 exam. We have received the results from two different NEBOSH cohorts, who sat their NEBOSH NG1 exam and NG2 practical in December 2019. One group of 8 candidates, and a second group of 12 candidates. Out of 20 candidates, 18 passed the exam. The two who did not, only failed by 1 and 3 marks respectively. 

The First NEBOSH NG2 Practical Submission since the NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus changes 

Let's not forget, December 2019 was the first exam and practical submission since the syllabus changes were introduced in September. Both the NEBOSH NG1 exam and the NG2 practical are significantly different. Especially the practical. 
What was striking from the results was the difference in the PRACTICAL pass rates between the two cohorts. 87.5% of one group passed the NEBOSH NG2 practical. The other, only 2 people out of 12 passed it (16.7%). Both groups were taught by the same tutor (Will Taylor), received the same course handouts and materials, and received the same briefing, coaching, and advice. The first group were taught over 12 weeks on Fridays. The second group over 12 weeks on Mondays. 

The only real difference: the Examiner! 

The new NEBOSH NG2 practical is not just a big change for learners and course providers. It is also a big change for examiners, who have to learn how to mark a new practical which has no marking scheme and does not receive any "marks" i.e. it is a simple pass or fail. 
Reading the examiner feedback of both groups was very insightful. Both groups were likely marked by a different examiner, and it appears that the second examiner was particularly pedantic. In some cases, he/she failed learners for what we would consider fairly minor issues. In one case, someone failed for forgetting to put 2020 on a date, and in another case failed for saying "Stabbing/Puncture" instead of "Work Equipment" as a hazard category (it was absolutely clear what the hazard category was). 

We don't blame Examiners. We take ownership of results. 

Here at Compassa, we take ownership of our results. We will not blame the examiner, or dwell on the faults of the examiner. In fairness to the NEBOSH examiner, missing off the 2020 from the risk assessment review date is a significant problem. We would have no idea whether the review date is annual or 10 yearly. 
In response to the second group's results we will raise our game. Our goal is that all of our learners pass the qualification, regardless of how pedantic the examiner might be. 
Our briefings will be more thorough. We will test our learners understanding more deeply, and provide additional exercises and checks to make sure they have got it. 
As for the 10 people who failed, we have advised them of the reasons why, requested they make some slight changes to meet the criteria, and resubmit to NEBOSH at the end of March. It should be almost a guaranteed pass. 

Looking ahead! 

Compassa are in the process of obtaining our own NEBOSH accreditation, and will deliver courses under our own banner instead of working through other accredited course providers. We are looking forward to running our first NEBOSH General Certificate course in September 2020 at the Royal Hotel, Ferensway, Hull. 
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