A large project to deliver nine sessions of tailored Incident Investigation training for staff at Cambridge Assessment, across three sites nationwide. 

Cambridge Assessment - 2,500 people around the Globe 

Cambridge Assessment are a large international organisation, totalling around 2,500 people across the globe. They are a not-for-profit organisation, a subsidiary of the University of Cambridge. They provide educational programmes and exams in over 170 countries. In particular, they are renowned for the International English Language Test and A-Level assessment. 
"Very good course and trainer! The time went very quickly. It was enjoyable and informative." 
Tony Tomlinson, Head of Print Operations 

Incident Investigation: a tailored and hands-on approach 

Most training delivered by Compassa is tailored to the precise requirements of the client. In this case, we had a number of development conversations, including a face to face meeting at the HQ in Cambridge. The client had a procedure for incident investigation, and was in the process of launching an online reporting and investigation management system. This needed to be incorporated into the training. 
In addition to this, our hands-on approach means that we spend over half a day investigating a real accident. This includes gathering evidence, carrying out a 5 Whys analysis, and interviewing witnesses. We guide our delegates through the HSE's 4-Step Incident Investigation process by investigating a real life accident. We find this to be a more effective approach than talking about incident investigation, or watching videos on how it is done. 
Instead of printing Powerpoint slide handouts, we created a tailored handbook for delegates. This contained all of the course materials, and contained sections for them to record the results of exercises and notes. This was then printed out in full colour, in an A4 stapled booklet. Surprisingly, this only cost around £7 per person. It really made a difference and the training was taken more seriously as a result. People are more likely to take a professional handbook away with them. Sometimes, with printed Powerpoint handouts, delegates just leave them behind. 
"The books were great! Very professional! 
Far better than printed Powerpoint slides." 

9 x Incident Investigation training sessions - each investigating a Real Life Accident 

Compassa have been booked in for a total of 14 training sessions, including 9 incident investigation training sessions. We will be delivering this training to around 100 people, based across three UK sites. One particular challenge was sourcing realistic accident scenarios to investigate that fit the activities of each site. Cambridge Assessment have a mixture of office, warehouses, and print operations. And therefore we had to find practical case studies that worked for all three environments. 
In the DC10/DC20 Warehouse and printing operation we focused our courses on investigating a serious forklift truck incident, where a pedestrian was struck by a reversing forklift. The delegates soon learnt not to jump to the immediate conclusion that either the driver or the pedestrian were to blame. We pursued the documentary and human evidence to uncover underlying and root causes involving risk assessment quality, implementation of actions, maintenance reporting, roles and responsibilities of managers, competencies, and cultural issues. 

To arrange Incident Investigation training for your people, call Will Taylor on 07725467197 or email will@compassa.co.uk 

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