On a bright summer's day at Paragon ID in Hull, a group of us got all dressed up for Spillage Response training. It was filthy and fun! 

When Training becomes Consultancy 

It's often the case that when we're asked to deliver training, what the client also needs is a consultant. In this case, before we could deliver Spillage Response training, we needed an up to date and effective spillage procedure to work from. So we invested an extra couple of days of development work doing an assessment of the spill risk, the existing equipment, and wrote a new spillage procedure which was signed off by senior management. 

Spillage Training: essential for this ISO14001 Accreditation 

Our client, Paragon ID in Hull, needed key members of staff to be trained in Emergency Spillage Response, to satisfy a requirement of a recent 14001 Environment Management Systems audit. It is very surprising just how many accreditations organisations like this must have in order to satisfy ever stricter procurement requirements from clients. In any case, Compassa trained over 30 individuals over two days of training. 
"It's surprising just how hard it is to deal with 25 litres!" 

Tailored and Fits in with Customer Requirements 

As with most Clients, time is tight. Production demands and deadlines must be met. Therefore we develop a short course to be delivered in 3 hours. We spent around 90 minutes going through the theory e.g. 
Why it's important to deal with spillage quickly 
The hazards/risks (including the chemicals that are used on this particular site) 
The options you have when dealing with spillages 
How you would dynamically risk assess each type of spillage depending on substance type, location, and whether the risk is mainly fire, inhalation, or pollution. 
After this, we spent some time putting on the PPE. This was tremendous fun, and groups of people in chemical suits generated many comments and banter from colleagues as we marched through the shopfloor to the Yard. 

To arrange Spillage Response training for your people, call Will Taylor on 07725467197 or email will@compassa.co.uk 

We Cleaned Up! 

We simulated a 25 litre spillage of Methyl Ethyl Ketone, which is one of the most hazardous chemicals they use on this site. Using water (for safety reasons!) we started a large spillage in the Yard which went quickly trickly towards the drains. It formed large puddles on the way, and we took time to observe the lie of the land to see how spillages behave. 
Then we swiftly went into action. Run, grab, the spillage gear, upright the spillage container to stop the source and the leak, get the booms down to stop the flow and... PAUSE. This is when you put your PPE on. Luckily, and somewhat unrealistically, we were already wearing it. 
Then we put the absorbent pads down and soaked it all up. Some of us even cleaned up the spillage on our hands and knees! 
We bagged all the stuff. Removed our PPE. Bagged that too. Then we tagged it, and threw it all into the hazardous waste bin. 

Incident Investigation 

The Spillage Response training does not stop there though. Afterwards, we had to fill in an incident report form. This triggers an Incident Investigation which, if done well, would determine the underlying and root causes to prevent the incident from recurring. 
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