How Long Does It Take to Complete the NEBOSH National General Certificate Course?

When considering a qualification, there are two main things that people think of: the cost and the duration. With options to undertake the course either online or in a traditional classroom setting, students have the latitude to determine their pace.

The NEBOSH General Certificate online eLearning course allows learners to study their qualifications according to their schedules, ensuring they can proceed at a pace that suits them.

Let’s go through a breakdown of what that looks like.

A Deep Dive into the Study Hours

Classroom: The NEBOSH General Certificate requires a study duration ranging between 80 to 120 hours. This study time is a combination of ‘tuition hours’ – the core learning period delivered by your course provider, and ‘self-study hours’, which is more self-directed taking place in between classroom sessions.

eLearning: For example, Compassa’s Interactive Video eLearning course for the National General Certificate takes an average of around 108 hours to complete. This is the equivalent of around 3 weeks of full time study. However, the actual time it takes to complete the course varies based on individual schedules, commitments, and learning preferences.

What does this look like in practice? Well, spending 8 hours a week (45 minutes on weekdays and a weekend morning) means you can complete the qualification in around three months.

With 4 hours a week (30 minutes on weekdays and 1.5 hours on weekends), the completion time extends to six months. The beauty of the online NEBOSH course is that it puts YOU in the driver’s seat, allowing you to control the pace.

Assessment Overview

The NEBOSH General Certificate comprises two assessments:

  1. NG1/IG1: An online open-book examination.
  2. NG2/IG2: A practical risk assessment, typically requiring about three hours.

For those in a classroom setting, exams are typically scheduled a week after their final classroom session. Online learners will need to get in touch with their course provider once they’re exam-ready.

For a comprehensive overview of the NEBOSH exams, please visit NEBOSH’s website here.

Which version of the course can I study online?

Both national and international versions are available online. Please note that Compassa currently offers only the National General Certificate.

How long does my certificate last once the course is complete?

The NEBOSH General Certificate doesn’t expire. Once achieved, it’s yours forever. However, if you’re looking to pursue advanced NEBOSH qualifications, such as the NEBOSH Diploma or specialised certificates, it’s advisable to do so within five years of obtaining your General Certificate.

How long do I have to complete the eLearning course?

Most course providers will grant access to the course for around 6 months, and you will need to pay an extension fee after this timeframe. However Compassa offer lifetime access to your course at no additional cost, meaning you have control. Compassa students can spend as long as you need studying and getting exam-ready.

Please note: to comply with the Data Protection Act and NEBOSH terms and conditions, we are required to periodically delete all customer data that is no longer needed. Any student that does not log into our eLearning platform for more than 12 months will be considered “dormant” and will have their account deleted and all associated data. The account can be restored upon request, but the progress and other data cannot be recovered.


We hope this helped you get a better understanding of the time and cost commitments of studying the NEBOSH National General Certificate course.

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