Is the NEBOSH National General Certificate Really Worth it?

There’s no question, the NEBOSH National General Certificate is a comprehensive course that delves deep into many aspects of Health and Safety, and students need to dedicate a lot of time not only for lessons but also for personal study to get ready to SMASH the assessments.

Many students don’t realise how much time they need to put in, not just for lessons but also for studying on their own for the assessments. If they don’t study enough or effectively, they usually fail either the NG1 Open Book Exam, the NG2 Practical Project, or worse case… BOTH! Then, they have to take those assessments again, wasted time…wasted money.

Now they’re left wondering, “will all this hard work be worth it?”

For most people, the answer is a big “yes.” The NEBOSH National General Certificate gives a solid foundation of knowledge and skill in the management of health and safety, legal requirements, and hazards/risks and how to control these.

But WHY is it worth it.

Possessing a NEBOSH National General Certificate is more than just a testament to one’s knowledge in health and safety; it’s a gateway to a bunch of career opportunities in the field. For many employers, this certification is a clear indicator of an individual’s commitment and expertise, often making it a prerequisite for numerous roles in the sector.

Those who hold this certificate often find themselves at a distinct advantage during job applications, setting them apart in a competitive marketplace. Furthermore, it acts as a catalyst for career progression, paving the way for higher responsibilities, promotions, and even specialised roles within organisations.

Essentially, the NEBOSH National General Certificate not only equips individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge but also serves as a beacon for career advancement and professional growth in the realm of health and safety.

It’s the ideal starting point for anyone keen on this field, no prerequisites needed. And for those just dipping their toes into the realm of health and safety, try Compassa’s Interactive Video eLearning course for IOSH Managing Safely offers a dynamic and engaging introduction to the world of Health and Safety in a fun and engaging way.

Meet Stefan. Stefan originally enrolled onto his NEBOSH National General Certificate with another provider. After feeling frustrated that he wasn’t getting the support he deserved, he enrolled onto Compassa’s NEBOSH National General Certificate Rescue Package, and immediately knew this was the course for him. Watch the video below to hear what Stefan has to say about his experience with Compassa.

This is why it’s not just important to cram in countless hours of study, but to study effectively with a course that’s engaging, effective and interactive. Death-by-powerpoint is not going to make you feel exam ready. If you feel let down by your current course provider, click here to learn more about our NEBOSH National General Certificate Rescue Package.

In essence, while the NEBOSH National General Certificate demands dedication, it’s a game-changer for anyone eager to kickstart a new career in health and safety. It’s an investment in your future, promising both knowledge and potential career opportunities.

If you would like to learn more about Compassa’s Interactive Video eLearning course for the NEBOSH National General Certificate. Please click the link below.

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