Why Compassa's IOSH Managing Safely® eLearning course? 

Our motto is "DON'T BE BORING". Unlike many health and safety eLearning courses on the market, our courses are designed to be engaging, impactful, and fun whilst influencing people's behaviour for the better. 
Switches people ON to health and safety instead of switching them off. 
Constantly reinforces the message of taking ownership and personal responsibility for health and safety. 
Frontline managers will gain valuable skills in risk assessment, incident investigation, and inspections. 
Includes our FREE Managing People Effectively course which will help with the management, leadership, and communication skills. 
Innovative systems to nudge your people through to course completion. 
Regular reports provided to update you on the progress of your employees. 

What's Included in our IOSH Managing Safely® Video eLearning course? 

Over 6 hours of video tutorials with interactive questions and exercises, with choice of video quality depending on your internet speed 

For accessibility, all videos have captions/subtitles. All IOSH course materials can be downloaded as audio MP3 files or written PDF documents.  

Additional written tutorials, exercises, case-studies, and games for those who prefer to learn by reading and doing.   

Dedicated IOSH tutor support available by email or webchat, provided by Chartered and experienced health and safety professionals 

Access to our Managing People Effectively course, which supports your people with the management, leadership, and communication soft skills 

Packed full of humour and fun, to ensure the course remains engaging and interesting even to the most disinterested person 

Thanks to our use of modern interactive video technology in our IOSH Managing Safely® eLearning course, Compassa were awarded the Corporate Vision "Most Innovative Training Provider" Award in 2020 

How long does it take to complete our IOSH Managing Safely® eLearning course? 

In the classroom, IOSH Managing Safely® takes 3 days (21 hours of contact time). However, with an eLearning course, delegates can progress at their own speed. At best the course can be completed within a day. Others can complete it with a few weeks. Delegates have up to 6 months to finish the course. 

Who should take our IOSH Managing Safely® eLearning course? 

The course is targeted at frontline managers, supervisors, and team leaders who have day to day responsibility for the health and safety of their people and areas. Middle and senior managers will also benefit enormously along with those in support functions such as Facilities, Human Resources, and Health and Safety Representatives. Providing Health and Safety training to frontline management teams is a legal requirement. 

Which Industries should provide IOSH Managing Safely® to their frontline management teams? 

The course is designed to be suitable for all industries, including administration, construction, manufacturing, engineering, logistics and warehousing, agriculture, shipping and freight amongst many others. 

How well recognised is IOSH Managing Safely®? 

IOSH Managing Safely® is the market-leading and most recognised health and safety course targeted at managers and supervisors. It has existed for over 25 years and its content is regularly updated. Every training provider must cover the same content. However, there are large variations in the quality of the courses provided. 

How is the IOSH Managing Safely® course assessed? 

There are two assessments, both of which are submitted completely online. 
1. A 45 minute multiple choice assessment. 
2. A workplace project, where you carry out a short risk assessment.  

Why do you offer a FREE Managing People Effectively course with all IOSH Managing Safely® licences? 

In our view, you can't manage safely if you don't know how to manage people. Whilst the core content of the Managing Safely® is very comprehensive on health and safety topics, it does lack any useful information on the necessary soft skills such as how to manage and communicate with people and how to win them over. We believe these soft skills are just as important as the safety knowledge, if you want your people to manage safely. 

Choose your IOSH Managing Safely ® eLearning course carefully  Choose a course that gives you more than just a tick in the box 

Get in touch to discuss how we can get your people to Manage Safely 

"As far as making it as interesting and interactive as possible it’s the best eLearning course I’ve seen..." Leon Sheldon, Facilities Manager 

“I highly recommend Will to support your safety training needs. He is a rare catalyst for cultural change in any business setting. Will brings about a radical shift in how your teams view safety, helping to form a world-class approach and ethos." 
John Cook, Operations Director, Paragon ID, IOSH Managing Safely client 

Standard content of the IOSH Managing Safely course 

Module 1: Introducing managing safely Why should we manage safely? What is the manager's role in managing safely? 

Module 2: Assessing risks Understanding the terms "hazard", "hazardous event", and "risk" Learning about the use of risk ratings and risk matrices Use the 5 Steps to Risk Assessment model 

Module 3: Controlling Risk How do you reduce risk? How do your decide which risk control to use? 

Module 4: Understanding your health and safety responsibilities An introduction to the legal health and safety duties of organisations and individuals, both criminal and civil An introduction to the concept of Health and Safety Management Systems, how they work, and why we use them 

Module 5: Common Hazards and what to do about them Develop awareness of 19 types of hazards and the associated risks Understand what risk controls can be introduced to control each 

Module 6: Investigating Incidents Understand the difference between incidents, accidents, and near-misses Know why we investigate all types of incidents Understand the six step process of incident investigation 

Module 7: Measuring Performance Understand what performance measurement is and why we do it Know the difference between proactive and reactive measurement (leading and lagging indicators) Introduction to the concept of auditing and the audit process 

Included for FREE for every IOSH Managing Safely® licence Our Managing People Effectively interactive video eLearning course 

Covers topics such as the strengths and weaknesses of different management styles, the importance of integrity and telling the truth, building relationships, taking personal responsibility, and keeping your ego under control. 
Focuses on the importance of listening skills, being brave enough to address problems before they get out of hand, how our perception does not match reality, and being open to feedback. 
Emphasises the importance of leading by example, winning people over, empowering people, delegating tasks, getting commitment, giving orders and praise, providing feedback and handling performance reviews. 
Covers handling conflict, getting alignment in meetings, saying no effectively, holding people accountable, delivering criticism with tact, and handling emotional colleagues. 

To enrol yourself or your staff onto a course, either book online or contact us to arrange a group discount for 10+ delegates. Price per person: £225+VAT 

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