IOSH Managing Safely Securing the Commitment of Managers and Supervisors 

Honestly, you can source IOSH Managing Safely training from dozens, maybe hundreds of training providers. Most of them are very good. 
What makes Compassa different to most of these providers is the style of training and how this helps secure the personal commitment of managers and supervisors who attend. 
Some of the people who attend the course will not want to attend. However, all of them will be impacted by it. Nearly all of them will be more committed to managing their work more safely than they were before. 
“I highly recommend Will to support your safety training needs. A rare catalyst for cultural change in any business setting, Will brings about a radical shift in how your teams view safety overall, and the systems and processes that enable a world class approach and ethos to begin forming.” 
John Cook, Operations Director, Paragon ID, IOSH Managing Safely customer 

IOSH Managing Safely – Help Support your Culture Change Initiative 

Changing the health and safety culture of an organisation is difficult, and it lives or dies at line-manager level. Compassa’s unique way of presenting the IOSH Managing Safely course will help reinforce, or maybe even kick-start, any attempts you are making at changing the culture of your organisation. 

IOSH Managing Safely - Go further with added People Management Skills 

At the end of every IOSH Managing Safely course we deliver, we are left thinking one thing: the delegates often lack basic people management and communication skills. The course is fantastic at giving the health/safety and basic management knowledge, but it is weak on practical people management. 
Therefore, we can add on an extra day of training, focused on giving people simple skills and techniques they can use to give feedback, handle criticism and complaints, announce (unpopular) decisions, and deliver briefings. 
This extra add-on does feature a lot of role play and public speaking. And that may be hard for many delegates and deeply unpopular. But it is effective. They don’t have to enjoy it. They have to turn up, give it go, and learn something from it. It’s the impact and positive change that matter. 

IOSH Managing Safely – Urging People to Take Personal Responsibility 

When Will Taylor delivers this course, he urges managers and supervisors to take personal responsibility for their health and safety of their teams and to remember the impact of small, daily decisions. Whilst we cannot control the behaviour of those around us, we can control our own behaviour and actions, and set a higher standard for ourselves. Before expecting our teams to work better, we first need to work and manage better ourselves.  
That often starts with the basics, such as learning how to set a standard and how to enforce it in a positive way. They’ll also realise how walking past unsafe behaviours or conditions without challenging them is the equivalent of giving people permission to work unsafely. This course does contain some law. But any health and safety trainer can talk about the law. With Compassa, we’ll go further, and even touch upon concepts of psychology and philosophy. 

Optional extras: People Management Skills Delivering feedback Announcing decisions Securing commitment from staff Public speaking 

Benefits of the IOSH Managing Safely course 

There is no doubt that this is a health and safety course. But, from our experience, the people who attend this don’t just get better at Managing Safely. They get better at managing everything. 
If someone is good at managing safely, it’s probably not because they’re good at health and safety. They’re probably a good manager. That’s why Compassa take the syllabus of IOSH Managing Safely, which is focused on health and safety, and combine it with the basic concepts of managing people and ourselves. The result is a sharp uplift in manager performance. 
Length of Course: Three days (four to five, with optional people management skills) 
Accredited: Yes, by IOSH. Equivalent of a Level 2 qualification. 
Assessment: Practical risk assessment and an end of course test 
Maximum number of delegates: 20 
Location: at employer’s premises, nationwide. Upon request only. 
Can it be bespoked? Yes, provided the core IOSH syllabus is met 
If you want to help your teams develop their health and safety management skills, please email or call Will on 07725 467 197 
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