How does an online IOSH Managing Safely Course work Blog Post by Compassa

How does an Online IOSH Managing Safely Course work?

Simple Steps to Passing IOSH Managing Safely Online

To pass your IOSH Managing Safely course online, there is a simple step by step process.

  1. Sign up and log in to your eLearning platform.
  2. Learn how to navigate around the platform.
  3. Submit an ID document to prove your identity and name spelling (IOSH require this so the name on your IOSH certificate is accurate).
  4. Study the course, module by module. Unlock the following modules by passing the end of module quizzes.
  5. Pass your mock IOSH Managing Safely test.
  6. Pass your final IOSH Managing Safely test.
  7. Pass your IOSH Managing Safely project within 2 weeks of passing the test.
  8. Get your result and receive your certificate through the post!

STEP 1: Sign up and log in

When you sign up for the IOSH Managing Safely course through our website or by speaking to us directly (email for an informal chat), you will shortly after receive your login details by email. Click on the link to go to our online platform, change your password and accept the privacy terms and conditions. You will then be taken to your Compassa Dashboard.

IOSH Managing Safely Online eLearning Course Login Page

STEP 2: Learn how to navigate around the Compassa eLearning platform

The fastest and easiest way to your new IOSH Managing Safely online course is to click on MyCourses in the top menu of the screen and select “IOSH Managing Safely”. This will take you to the Main Course Page where you will see a number of “Tiles”. Inside each tile, there is content to study.

Click on Pre-Course Information. In here you will find several tutorials explaining how to navigate around the course and use the tutorials. It will also explain how the IOSH Managing Safely course and assessments work.

IOSH Managing Safely Online eLearning Course Main Course Page


STEP 3: Study the IOSH Managing Safely Course Online.

Each module has a series of tutorials. These include interactive videos, presentations, activities, and case-studies. To unlock the following module, you will need to pass an end of module test. This tests your knowledge of the module you have just studied, and also tests your understanding of previous modules. Modules therefore get increasingly harder and larger, preparing you thoroughly for the final IOSH Managing Safely test. Make sure you try to have fun studying. We have created what is probably the most fun online IOSH Managing Safely course on the market. Health and safety is a serious subject, and we feel that to take it any more seriously would make it dull and boring!

IOSH Managing Safely Online eLearning Course is an Exciting Course to Do

We’re conscious that IOSH Managing Safely eLearning courses’ greatest weakness is the lack of tutor interaction and group discussion. It is for this reason we deliver weekly video calls with our learners. These are an opportunity to ask questions, review the course content, take part in a quiz or game together, and meet your fellow online students. It is our goal to bring the IOSH Managing Safely classroom experience to the eLearning!

STEP 4: Pass your mock IOSH Managing Safely test

The mock test assesses your readiness for the IOSH Managing Safely exam. But it also teaches you how the final IOSH test works. It looks and feels a bit different to the end of module quizzes you have passed so far. So this is a chance to make sure you are familiar with how the questions work. The mock IOSH test has 10 questions to pass. You will get detailed feedback on any questions you get wrong.

STEP 5: Pass your final IOSH Managing Safely test (also known as the IOSH Managing Safely exam!)

First, you will need to fill in a short feedback survey. This is an IOSH requirement. This will unlock the final assessments.

If you have passed the quizzes and the mock test, you are more than capable of passing this test. To find out in more detail how the IOSH Managing Safely test works, see our blog post here: How is the IOSH Managing Safely Course Assessed?

One of the great benefits of studying IOSH Managing Safely online, instead of in a classroom course, is that you get your test result IMMEDIATELY! And you get feedback on all of your answers. Chances are you did not get 100% (people rarely do!), so you can go through your IOSH test answers and see what you got right and what you got wrong. The IOSH learning continues, even after the teaching has finished!

STEP 6: Pass your IOSH Managing Safely Project

On our IOSH Managing Safely online course, there is a detailed explanation of how the project works and what you must do. You will also find some detailed notes in our Blog Post: How is the IOSH Managing Safely Course Assessed?

The project is essentially a short risk assessment. You need to demonstrate your ability to identify a variety of different hazards (i.e. not all the same type), use a simple 5 x 5 risk rating system, and decide on further risk controls.

Not everyone passes the IOSH practical project on the 1st attempt. In our opinion, the project is slightly harder to pass than the IOSH Managing Safely test. However, detailed feedback is provided by your tutor if you’re not successful. Almost inevitably, people pass on the 2nd attempt after they have made some changes. Once again, even though the IOSH Managing Safely eLearning course is finished, the learning continues through making mistakes and getting tutor feedback.

STEP 7: Get Your Result and Certificate

Once you have passed the project, you will receive your formal notification of results from us. We must then submit your results to IOSH and order your certificate. The IOSH Managing Safely certificate is sent directly to Compassa. If your employer has arranged the course for you, we will post the certificate directly to them. If you arranged the course yourself, we will post it to you. Postage to UK addresses is included in the price of your course. Deliver to international addresses may require payment of an additional courrier fee before we send it.

When you get your certificate, take a moment to take a photo of it and share it on social media! Brag and be proud. You completed IOSH Managing Safely in a unique way.

Happy Learner on our IOSH Managing Safely Online eLearning Course

BONUS STEP: What Next? Perhaps the NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health?

Never stop learning. If you enjoyed our IOSH Managing Safely certificate, you will love our NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health. Delivered face to face virtually by Zoom or in the classroom, this Level 3 qualification is the most recognised health and safety qualification in the world and is the starting point for most health and safety professionals embarking on their new career. Delivered personally by Will Taylor, who has intimate knowledge of how NEBOSH exams work and how they are marked, you are in the best possible hands to pass all the NEBOSH exams and practicals. Our pass rates are truly incredible!

Happy Learner on our NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health

Also, do not forget that with your IOSH Managing Safely course, you also get FREE access to our Managing People Effectively online course. This course will help you build on your leadership and communication skills. As you already realise, the key to managing safely is managing people. This is probably the hardest part of being a manager, and we’ll give you ALL of the skills you need to succeed. Not just the health and safety skills!