The Health and Safety eLearning industry must raise its standards Blog Post by Compassa

The Health and Safety eLearning industry must raise its standards

It’s not good!

We look at the health and safety eLearning industry now and it’s not up to our standards.

This is not intended as a criticism or a fault of the people who made those health and safety eLearning courses. It’s easy to criticise. At least those people actually made a course. And making any course, even a boring one, and getting it approved or accredited, takes a lot of hard work.

And those same people have built very respectable businesses, with turnovers in the millions of pounds. Often on the back of IOSH and NEBOSH courses that are boring, repetitive, and uninspiring. Regardless of how awful some of the “Powerpoint” style eLearning courses are, it is admirable that these people built successful businesses that employ hundreds of people.

Let’s be honest. We haven’t built a large successful business. Yet.

It’s our fault things are so bad

It is easy for us to criticise from the sidelines. And we have criticised for 3 years since we opened. No longer.

Here at Compassa, we are a small business. With a tiny revenue. But a giant dream. We’ve decided to take some ownership of the fact that most health and safety eLearning courses are boring. If the health and safety eLearning industry has got low standards, it is because WE at Compassa have not yet raised our own standards. And that’s what we are doing now.

We are releasing a course this year called IOSH Managing Safely®. It is an interactive video course.

It is going to be far more fun, far more engaging, far more interactive, more captivating than any other IOSH Managing Safely® course on the market. Or at least, that’s our goal.

Even if we fail, we will win

We are a small company. With a turnover in the 5 figures rather than the 8 figures. There is every chance our little start-up will crash and burn in a year or two’s time. Even if that happens, we truly hope that the standard will have been raised. We truly hope that people will start to demand better health and safety eLearning courses. Better IOSH eLearning courses.

And then we want the whole industry to raise its game. To plough some resources into the development of better health and safety online courses.

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