IOSH Managing Safely eLearning – Case Study: SGS & Co

Tell us about yourself

My name is Andrew Batchelor, I’m SGS & Co’s, Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance Manager for EU, APAC and EME (European Union, Asia Pacific and Europe and Middle East).

SGS and Co is a global entity, with approximately 5,500 staff based across about 70 sites, in all four corners of the world. And we are the world’s largest print design packaging company.

Why did you consider this IOSH Managing Safely course?

I thought it was about time that our senior staff on the site, such as our supervisors, etc. who have  health and safety responsibilities, need training. And I came across Compassa’s IOSH Managing Safety course and thought it would be a really, really good fit for us. And for me, it’s made them an all round supervisor of their teams.

What impact has the course had?

And the impact that the IOSH Managing Safely course has had, is that there are a lot more assertive. They understand basic health and safety requirements for the teams. At the same time, it’s also give them a little bit of the gravitas to be able to carry out decision making, particularly with regards to contractors and making sure that they’re inducted on the site. Previous to that, the contractors used to just come and go freely when they were doing repairs or bringing in new machinery, etc. 

The supervisors are actually a lot more involved in making decisions. And they’ve also got more involved in producing method statements. And carrying them out and sending them to me for review, to make sure that they’ve done it correctly.

The IOSH Management Safety course made them think about their actions, but it’s also improved the way that they’re actually managing their teams.

How has the IOSH Managing Safely course effected you at work?

I’m finding that I’m getting a lot more queries with things surrounding stuff like chemical work, contractors coming on site, hot work permits, etc. Just the general health and safety mitigation requirements, such as risk assessment, have also improved. They’re actually going out and assessing risks.

They are a lot more cautious. Where previously they would potentially cut corners, bring people on site, have contractors come in, and not sign in.

It’s just got a lot better with regards to health and safety management for the site itself.

What did your staff think of the course?

Some of the supervisors who were on the course actually turn around and said, it’s really good. It’s interactive.

I think they were expecting death by PowerPoint, which isn’t the case with the course. There’s a lot of interactive quizzes. The fact that they knew there was interactivity kept them interested.

What attracted you to Compassa’s IOSH Managing Safely course?

Previously, I wouldn’t really advocate doing online training, but I was really pleasantly surprised of the amount of interaction with the IOSH Managing Safety course as opposed to a PowerPoint course which would be delivered in a classroom.

You have a virtual tutor who takes you through the course and provides information in layman’s terms, which is easily digestible for most people, certainly for the Supervisors who were on this course who had no previous experience of any health and safety courses whatsoever.

They didn’t have any real idea about risk assessments before, and the course itself delivered that perfectly.

What did you think about the course?

The course was really well written. The graphics in there were good. It was nice, clearly presentable, plenty of interaction, particularly around the risk assessment phase, which showed effectively how to carry out a risk assessment.

Effectively, it’s like one on one tuition. And I think some people perform a lot better when they have that one on one tuition without any external environment or distractions.