An eLearning course with personality? Compassa Managing Safely Online eLearning Course

An eLearning course with personality?

One of the benefits of doing a classroom health and safety workshop is that you get to connect with the tutor. There’s a rapport that can be built, because the tutor brings personality, pragmatism, experience and much more.

You just don’t get that on a health and safety eLearning course. At least, not normally.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have a health and safety eLearning course that brings personality, humour, fun, into the eLearning environment? Even better, if you combine that with interactive video technology, you could reach a level of interaction, engagement, and fun that no other health and safety online course has yet to achieve.

Go further. If you combine the above with an attitude of:

“You know what, I don’t care if this really makes money, because I ain’t doing this for the money. I’m doing this ’cause I enjoy doing it.”

Will Taylor CMIOSH

The people building our health and safety online courses are doing it because it’s fun.

And if we make these IOSH and NEBOSH courses fun, and engaging, and inspiring, we actually think it could make the health and safety eLearning industry better.

If we can make a health and safety eLearning product that ACTUALLY IMPACTS PEOPLE FOR THE BETTER, that leaves them wanting to do things more safely, then we might actually be able to save lives.