Managing People Effectively – Online Interactive Video Course

£49.00 + VAT

Packed full of humour, personality, and fun, this course has been developed jointly with Nick Girling Associates, experts in leadership development.

  • £49+VAT per person (discounts available for 10+ delegates)
  • Study online at your own pace
  • Over 4 hours of video tutorials with built-in interactive technology and exercises
  • This course is FREE when purchased with our IOSH Managing Safely® course and NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health
  • Six months’ access

Why Compassa's Managing People Effectively online interactive video course?

  • Jointly developed between Will Taylor, Compassa, and Nick Girling, who have a combined 40 years' of leadership and management experience.
  • Our motto is "DON'T BE BORING". Unlike many eLearning courses on the market, our courses are designed to be engaging, impactful, and fun whilst influencing people's behaviour for the better.
  • Switches people ON to leadership and communication instead of switching them off.
  • Constantly reinforces the message of taking ownership and personal responsibility for the performance of your team.
  • Teaches valuable techniques and insights into how to deliver feedback, handle conflict, delegate effectively, and get alignment in meetings.
  • Encourages regular self-reflection and practice of the management and communication techniques taught in the course.

What's Included in our Managing People Effectively Video eLearning course?

Over 4 hours of video tutorials with interactive questions and exercises, with choice of video quality depending on your internet speed

For accessibility, all videos have captions/subtitles. All course materials can be downloaded as audio MP3 files.

Packed full of humour and fun, to ensure the course remains engaging and interesting even to the most disinterested person

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends how quickly delegates wish to progress. Somewhere between 4 to 6 hours is a good average. Delegates should take time to reflect on what they have learnt and commit to taking action and practising the people management skills in the course. Delegates have up to 6 months to finish the course.

The course is designed to be suitable for all industries, including administration, construction, manufacturing, engineering, logistics and warehousing, agriculture, shipping and freight amongst many others.

How is the Managing People Effectively course assessed?
In this course, assessing knowledge is of no importance. What truly matters is that people regularly reflect on the content whilst studying and make personal commitments to regularly practise the skills that are explained in the course. We ask people to write down these commitments in the eLearning website and download them for future reference.

At the end of the course, they are requested to write down some final reflections on how they have improved as a manager or leader, and what further skills they will practise in future.

The course is targeted at frontline managers, supervisors, and team leaders who have day to day responsibility for the performance of people or areas. Middle and senior managers will also benefit enormously along with those in support functions such as Facilities, Human Resources, and other managerial roles. Anyone who's core function requires them to liaise with other people will benefit enormously from the soft skills explained in this course.

No. For the time being, we have taken a deliberate decision to avoid subjecting it to accreditation to avoid any undesired influence from accreditation bodies on the content and the style. The course is fun and the duration is no longer than is necessary. And we wish to keep it that way! When we find an accreditation body who would consider accrediting it without changing the substance, then we will be happy to discuss this with them.

In our view, you can't manage health and safety if you don't know how to manage people. Whilst the core content of the health and safety courses is very comprehensive on health and safety topics, these courses often lack any useful information on the necessary soft skills such as how to manage and communicate with people and how to win them over. We believe these soft skills are just as important as the safety knowledge, if you want your people to manage safely.

“Will’s training has made me more engaged. I now have a much more professional approach.”

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Leon Sheldon

Facilities Manager

What does the Managing People Effectively online video course cover?

The Role of the Manager
The Different Management Styles
Tell the Truth (or, at least, don't lie!)
Taking Personal Responsibility
The Power of Relationships
Control Your Ego Control Your Ego

Perceptual Filters: The Map is NOT the Territory
Do You Really Listen?
Handling Criticism
Being Open to Feedback
There's No Such Thing as a DRAGON

Set the Example
Force Breeds Resistance
Two of the Most POWERFUL Words in the English Language
One Simple Trick to Get People to Commit
Empowering and Delegating
Giving Orders
Giving Effective Praise
When Praise Becomes Counterproductive
Giving Empowering Feedback
Holding a Performance Review

Getting to the Point
Embracing and Handling Conflict
Getting Alignment in Meetings
Saying "No" Effectively
Holding People Accountable
Delivering Criticism With Tact
Handling Emotional Colleagues
Dealing With Toxic Characters

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