IOSH Working Safely

The world’s most recognised health and safety course targeted at frontline employees.

  • Highly persuasive, our unique 1-day course delivery aims not just to inform but also to persuade your people to work safely.
  • Covers the reasons to work safely, the basics of risk assessment and risk control, hazards awareness, and legal and organisational responsibilities.
  • Perfect for organisations working to embed a positive health and safety culture and get frontline commitment to health and safety.
  • Available both in-house in classroom format or as virtual online training via Zoom or Teams.
  • Includes printed or electronic workbook, two attempts at the assessment, and course certificate.
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Securing the Commitment of your Staff

The entire point of arranging IOSH Working Safely training for your staff is to:
1. Get them to want to work more safely
2. Help them recognise hazards, and the risks of not working safely.

Usually, some of the people who attend the course will do so reluctantly.
Not all of your employees will be happy to attend a health and safety training session!
However, all of them will be impacted by it, positively. Our unique style of training focuses on helping people understand the impact of their decisions, and encourages them to take personal responsibility of their own safety and that of their colleagues.

Helping to Change your Health and Safety Culture

To take your health and safety culture to the next level, you need a solid foundation of knowledge across all of your teams. This course will provide that foundation, and make clear the expectation that everyone needs to work safely.

The course will help identify those who are particularly keen to improve the organisation. If you’re looking for health and safety champions, this course will help you find them, and enthuse them.

Once you have a small minority of champions, and a majority of people who are generally supportive of health and safety (or at least not resistant), you will find that you make constant incremental progress on health and safety. Even the minority of people who remain change resistant will not be able to resist the slow positive steps forward. In time, they too will come round.

“I highly recommend Will to support your safety training needs. A rare catalyst for cultural change in any business setting, Will brings about a radical shift in how your teams view safety overall, and the systems and processes that enable a world class approach and ethos to begin forming.”

John Cook

Operations Director, Paragon ID

Urging People to Take Personal Responsibility

In our experience, some of the delegates who attend the IOSH Working Safely course are a little negative and blame management for all of their problems. This course will help counteract that. Our unique style of presenting the course will encourage the delegates to focus on themselves and their own attitudes and behaviours, and not those of managers. They will be urged to uphold high standards for themselves before criticising managers. The result is a sharp uplift in frontline staff taking personal responsibility for the quality and safety of their work, greater compliance with health and safety rules, and increased involvement and initiative.

Full Course Details & Information

Course Length 1 Day
Assessment An end of course test
Maximum Number of Delegates 20
Accredited Yes, by IOSH.
Location At employer’s premises, nationwide. Upon request only.
Can the content be tailored to my organisation? es, provided the core IOSH syllabus is met.

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