Online IOSH Managing Safely® Interactive Video Course

£225.00 + VAT

Study IOSH Managing Safely® with the World’s First INTERACTIVE Video eLearning Course. Packed full of humour, personality, and fun, this has been described by IOSH as “different to any other IOSH Managing Safely® course on the market.”

  • £225+VAT per person (discounts available for multiple bookings)
  • Study online at your own pace
  • Includes assessments, certificate, and full online tutor support
  • Full of activities, materials, case-studies, quizzes, exercises
  • Full downloadable MP3 audio files and PDF study materials
  • Weekly Zoom call Q&As and group discussions
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    What's Included in our IOSH Managing Safely® Video eLearning course?

    Over 6 hours of video tutorials with interactive questions and exercises, with choice of video quality depending on your internet speed.

    All videos have captions/subtitles. All IOSH course materials can be downloaded as audio MP3 files or written PDF documents.

    Additional written tutorials, exercises, case-studies, and games for those who prefer to learn by reading and doing.

    Approved IOSH tutor support available by email and weekly Q&As and group discussions via Zoom to maintain classroom-level interaction.

    Access to our Managing People Effectively course, which supports your people with leadership and communication soft skills.

    Packed full of humour and fun, to ensure the course remains engaging and interesting even to the most disinterested person.

    We Offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee - 30 Days

    In the highly unlikely event you realise this IOSH Managing Safely eLearning course is not the right one for you, we will be happy to offer you a no-quibble 100% refund within 30 days of your purchase.
    The only exceptions to this are:

    • Learners who have passed the IOSH course within the 30 day period.
    • Learners who have downloaded pdfs of the course materials or MP3 audio files of the IOSH course.

    Why Compassa's IOSH Managing Safely® online interactive video course?

    • Produced by Will Taylor, a Chartered Health and Safety Professional, with 20 years of Health and Safety Management and Training experience.
    • Compassa won the Corporate Vision 2020 Award for Most Innovative Training Provider (UK)
    • Our motto is "DON'T BE BORING". Unlike many health and safety eLearning courses on the market, our courses are designed to be engaging, impactful, and fun whilst influencing people's behaviour for the better.
    • This course is designed to switch people ON to health and safety instead of switching them OFF.
    • Full of real life and popular movie/TV references, making the health and safety content familiar and relatable.

    Learn at Your Own Pace and in Your Own Time

  • Full eLearning course allows people to do it at their own pace and study when they are able to.
  • Constantly reinforces the message of taking ownership and personal responsibility for health and safety.
  • Frontline managers will gain valuable skills in risk assessment, incident investigation, and inspections.
  • Innovative systems and reminders to nudge your people through to course completion.
  • Regular reports provided to update you on the progress of your employees.
  • "Fun, Intelligent, and Easy to Use"

    Why is our IOSH Managing Safely eLearning Course Best for You and Your Employees?

  • Flexibility - No having to commit to 3 full days in a classroom.
  • Regular reports provided to update you on the progress of your employees.
  • Automated reminders to remind them to login and learn.
  • Fun, engaging, and thought provoking course content, which means people want to log on and learn more.
  • Creates a culture where staff are willing to be taught new things and helps to progress forward your business.
  • A Covid-Secure Option for Impactful Learning

    “Will really brought the course to life!”

    0/5 (0 Reviews)
    Jade Orchard

    Health and Safety Advisor, High Peak Scaffolding Ltd

    “Without doubt his knowledge and expertise in the H&S field is unquestionable. His way of teaching the subject was one of encouragement and captivation and his experiences in the world of H&S made the subject more realistic and understandable.”

    0/5 (0 Reviews)
    Paul Haytree

    HSE Business Partner, ISS

    What does the IOSH Managing Safely E-Learning course cover?

    • Why should we manage safely?
    • What is the manager's role in managing safely?

    • Understanding the terms "hazard", "hazardous event", and "risk"
    • Learning about the use of risk ratings and risk matrices
    • Use the 5 Steps to Risk Assessment model

    • How do you reduce risk?
    • How do your decide which risk control to use?

    • An introduction to the legal health and safety duties of organisations and individuals, both criminal and civil
    • An introduction to the concept of Health and Safety
    • Management Systems, how they work, and why we use them

    • Develop awareness of 19 types of hazards and the associated risks
    • Understand what risk controls can be introduced to control each

    • Understand the difference between incidents, accidents, and near-misses
    • Know why we investigate all types of incidents
    • Understand the six step process of incident investigation

    • Understand what performance measurement is and why we do it
    • Know the difference between proactive and reactive measurement (leading and lagging indicators)
    • Introduction to the concept of auditing and the audit process

    Downloadable Presentations
    Downloadable MP3 audio files of the course

    Full Course Details & Information

    Hours In the classroom it's 3 days. You can progress as fast or as slow as you like online. We have over 6 hours of interactive video tutorials.
    Price £225+VAT
    Assessment One 45 minute multiple choice question assessment, and a practical project which must be submitted within 2 weeks.
    Accredited Approved by IOSH
    Location Anywhere you like! It's online!

    Frequently Asked Questions about the online IOSH Managing Safely course

    Our award-winning interactive video technology allows us to transform a passive video experience into an INTERACTIVE experience by layering exercises, games, and quizzes inside the videos. This means the delegate has to participate in the video in order to progress throughout the training.

    This course will teach you the skills you can take into future life and work. And, unlike other online or eLearning courses out there, this course is also fun and engaging.

    Don't take our word for it however. See what our customers said about the course:

    Having your team take the course will exponentially improve your business culture and health and safety.
    Listen to what our customers say on the impact of this IOSH Managing Safely online course:

    The most important part of any IOSH Managing Safely course is that it makes your people WANT to manage more safely. This course has been designed to persuade and influence, as well as educate and entertain. This means your people will not just learn new skills, but will be positively impacted and take a more pro-active approach to health and safety.

    The course is targeted at:

    • Frontline managers
    • Supervisors
    • Team Leaders

    These are people who have day-to-day responsibility for the health and safety of their people and areas.
    Middle and senior managers will also benefit enormously along with those in support functions such as Facilities, Human Resources, and Health and Safety Representatives.
    Providing Health and Safety training to frontline management teams is a legal requirement.

    The course is designed to be suitable for all industries, including administration, construction, manufacturing, engineering, logistics and warehousing, agriculture, shipping and freight amongst many others.

    This online IOSH Managing Safely course is produced with all learning styles in mind. It includes:

    • Interactive videos.
    • Course presentations, with games, exercises, and quizzes.
    • Reflective activities.
    • Case-studies.
    • Downloadable PDFs of the materials.
    • Downloadable audio MP3 files for listening instead of reading.

    It is definitely an IOSH Managing Safely eLearning course. And this one stands out from the crowd because it aims to grip people from the beginning. Delegates on this course are:

    • More likely to finish the course.
    • Gain health and safety and other transferable skills.
    • Influenced in a positive way, leading to a more pro-active management of health and safety day to day.

    Hear what our customers say about their initial reluctance to do an IOSH eLearning course:

    In the classroom, IOSH Managing Safely® takes 3 days (21 hours of contact time). However, with an eLearning course, delegates can progress at their own speed. At best the course can be completed within a day. Others can complete it with a few weeks. Delegates have up to 6 months to finish the course.
    Find out more:

    IOSH Managing Safely® is the market-leading and most recognised health and safety course targeted at managers and supervisors. It has existed for over 25 years and its content is regularly updated. Every training provider must cover the same content. However, there are large variations in the quality of the courses provided. Many of the older eLearning courses are simply powerpoint presentations with embedded quizzes.

    There are two assessments, both of which are submitted completely online.
    1. A 45-minute multiple choice assessment.
    2. A workplace project, where you carry out a short risk assessment.

    You have two attempts at each assessment included. Most people pass on the 1st attempt. Find out more about the IOSH Managing Safely exam and the project here:
    How is the IOSH Managing Safely course assessed

    Listen to Joe's experienced and how he (eventually!) passed:

    You have 6 months from date of the purchase to finish the course before your access automatically expires. In the unlikely event that you need an extension, you can purchase an additional six month's access for £75+VAT.

    You have access to a tutor by email, webchat, or phone. All tutors are suitably NEBOSH qualified and experienced in management and health and safety, and fully approved by IOSH.
    Queries (which are few and far between!) are answered very quickly. Usually within the day if not sooner.

    In our view, you can't manage safely if you don't know how to manage people. Whilst the core content of the Managing Safely® online course is very comprehensive on health and safety topics, it does lack any useful information on the necessary soft skills such as how to manage and communicate with people and how to win them over.
    We believe these soft skills are just as important as the safety knowledge, if you want your people to manage safely.

    Listen to Will Taylor explain why he feels so passionate about the need for leadership training to accompany all IOSH Managing Safely training:

    There are no hidden fees. The course fee includes 2 attempts at each assessment (the test and the project), your certificate and its delivery to a UK address.

    Certificates requiring international postage may incur an additional cost for courier.

    In the event your 6 month enrolment expires before you finish the course, or if you need more than 2 attempts to pass the assessments, you will be required to pay a re-registration fee of £75+VAT.

    It's unlikely you won't like it, but we're open-minded. Perhaps the humour and levity we use is not to your liking. We're all different. But this course even made IOSH chuckle when they reviewed it, so it must be good!

    We're happy to offer a full no quibble money back guarantee for any cancellation requests within 14 days of your purchase. However, refunds will not be offered if you have downloaded pdfs or audio files in the extra resources section.

    Yes. Please get in touch with details of how many people you would like to sign up to our online IOSH Managing Safely course, and we'll provide a quotation and a discount. We might even give you some free extras too!

    We provide weekly reports to all corporate clients on the progress of their staff. These are easy to read spreadsheets, colour-coded, which will tell you at a glance where your people have got up to.

    Furthermore, we also send all learners regular emails to remind them to log on and study. They get these emails weekly if they are not making progress.

    Yes of course! Please contact us with details and we'll send an invoice. Invoices must be paid within 30 days of receipt. Your IOSH certificate will be ordered and sent to you when the invoice has been paid.

    So far, our pass rate is 100%. To date, no one has failed both attempts at the IOSH Managing Safely test or the project. That is no guarantee of future performance of course.

    Included for FREE with every IOSH Managing Safely® licence Our Managing People Effectively online interactive video course

    Includes BONUS Managing People Effectively Online Video Course

    All learners who sign up to our IOSH Managing Safely course will get free access for 6 months to our Managing People Effectively online interactive video course. Because you can't manage safely if don't know how to manage people. The normal value of this course is usually £49 per person.

    Take Both Courses Now

    To Manage Safely, You Must Also Learn to Manage People

    • Learn how to get the best out of your people
    • Packed full of practicals tools and skills to handle every day interactions
    • Over 4 hours of interactive videos with exercises and thought-provoking questions
    • Includes the use of paid actors to role play difficult conversations
    • Downloadable summaries and MP3s
    • Study at your own pace

    Get in touch to discuss how we can get your people to Manage Safely

      Award-Winning Technology

      Thanks to our use of modern interactive video technology in our IOSH Managing Safely® eLearning course, Compassa were awarded the Corporate Vision "Most Innovative Training Provider" Award in 2020.

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