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NEBOSH Online Course Providers: 10 Things You Should Check First

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Choosing a NEBOSH course provider? 10 Key Features to Ensure a Successful Experience!

NEBOSH qualifications, such as the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, are the UK’s most highly respected and widely recognised health and safety qualifications. When thinking about obtaining a NEBOSH qualification online, the choice of the course provider is crucial for a fulfilling learning experience. Ultimately, you want to obtain the qualification as smoothly as possible, without incurring unexpected delays, fees, or difficulties.

To ensure you’re choosing a reputable and high-quality online NEBOSH course provider, you should check your NEBOSH provider meets the following criteria first:

They are NEBOSH Accredited

Ensure the online NEBOSH course provider holds an authentic NEBOSH accreditation. Accreditation guarantees that the course aligns with the required standards and that you’ll be awarded a genuine NEBOSH qualification upon successful completion. Always verify the accreditation status of the provider. Compassa often gets asked by prospective students if completion of our online video eLearning course for the NEBOSH NGC will get them the full qualification. The answer is a resounding YES! and they are right to check with us first!

Preferably opt for course providers with a higher NEBOSH status. The 3 statuses are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Gold learning partners are audited every year or two and are deemed to “greatly exceed” NEBOSH’s Six Learning Principles.

High-Quality Course Materials

Opt for providers that offer interactive, modern, and comprehensive online NEBOSH course materials. Excellent providers often go beyond basic slides, offering engaging multimedia content that enriches the learning experience. NEBOSH course providers with excellent course materials should have no problem providing you with a demo tutorial for you to study, to see how engaging the course is.

Course Demos Available

Quality providers typically offer a glimpse into their course materials, allowing you to preview their content, structure, and teaching methods before committing. In fact, this is a requirement for Gold NEBOSH Learning Partners. A course demo should be available through their website. Make sure you check it out before signing up!

Robust Tutor Support and Additional Resources

Seek out providers who offer robust tutor support, mock exams graded by experienced NEBOSH examiners, study guides, and opportunities for direct contact. These resources are essential for effective preparation and understanding. To test this, you should give potential NEBOSH course providers a phone call and ask some questions to see how responsive they are.

Reasonable Pricing with Comprehensive Support

A well-priced NEBOSH course will offer comprehensive tutor support, regular interactions like live classes, and be responsive through email or phone. When a course is a higher price, it’s often because they invest more in course development and tutor support. When you pay more, you usually get more. But if you’re super confident and used to passing  difficult qualifications and assessments at NEBOSH level, then enrolling through a cheaper course provider (who is still accredited) might also make sense. Why pay for support if you don’t think you will need it?

Positive Reviews and High Satisfaction Rates

Choose providers with a solid reputation. Positive reviews and high satisfaction rates from past students are usually good indicators of quality. Always read through the reviews to satisfy yourself the reviews are relevant to the course you’re choosing.

Genuine Reviews

While browsing reviews, it’s always good to cross-check for their authenticity. Genuine feedback offers valuable insights into the course experience. An authentic review will state specifics about the course content and the tutor support, including names of super helpful personnel.

Clear and Realistic Course Information

Choose providers that are transparent and realistic about the course expectations, content, and demands. Reputable providers emphasise the reality of how much work is involved in passing, the time it takes, and the possibility of failing assessments.

Lifetime or Permanent Access Duration to Online Course Materials

Choose a NEBOSH provider that offers lifetime access to the course and support or a permanent commitment to support you until you pass. That way, even if you fail or you take longer than anticipated to complete the course, you will still have access to the full materials and tutor support. Some providers do put time limits on course access (e.g. 12 months), so you should only sign up with these providers if you are 100% confident you can pass within that timeframe and you are aware of what “extension” fees may apply to extend the access if you need to.

Transparent Fee Structure

A trustworthy course provider will be transparent about all fees involved, including exam fees, administrative charges, or any potential additional costs.

Conclusion – Picking the Best NEBOSH Online Course Provider for You

By focusing on these key features, you can confidently select a NEBOSH online course provider that is trustworthy, effective at getting people through the course and assessments, and caters to your individual needs/goals. Doing some thorough research before signing up will undoubtedly set the foundation for success in your studies and career.

How Compassa Excels in Providing Quality:

Compassa proudly holds accreditation to deliver various NEBOSH qualifications. Our interactive video eLearning format offers an engaging, almost face-to-face course experience enriched with quizzes, exercises, and high-quality video content. We also emphasise transparency, tutor support, and quality over quantity, ensuring a five-star experience for our learners.

How does Compassa compare with these 10 Key Criteria?

  • Compassa is accredited to deliver a variety of NEBOSH qualifications. Our accreditation can be verified using NEBOSH’s online course provider search tool. Click here. Compassa is a Gold status NEBOSH Learning Provider but we prefer to be judged by our learners. Check out our Trustpilot reviews to see what they think.
  • Our course materials are unique and modern. We are the ONLY NEBOSH online course provider to provide our online courses in interactive video eLearning format. This means our courses are like one-to-one, face-to-face courses, delivered through interactive videos with embedded quizzes and exercises. The videos are professionally produced and high quality, vibrant, energetic, and full of humour and personality. These video tutorials are supported by full written materials, interactive case-studies, quizzes, games, and immersive virtual reality technology.
  • We are fully transparent on the quality of our NEBOSH online course materials as can be seen in the preview videos on our website and on YouTube. Watch a sample below.

  • We go above and beyond with our NEBOSH tutor support. Not only are our NEBOSH Diploma qualified tutors on hand 5 days a week by phone and email, we also provide free monthly Zoom calls for National General Certificate delegates so they can discuss the course and benefit from NEBOSH exam masterclasses in a live environment.
  • Our prices are relatively high compared to some providers. This is a badge of quality. We rarely if ever discount our courses or put them on sale.
  • Our reviews can be seen live on our website. The feedback we have received for our online NEBOSH courses is 5 out of 5 from most students.
  • Since we are a relatively new NEBOSH course provider (accredited in 2022), we do not have the hundreds of reviews some of the more established course providers have. The low number of reviews signifies that all of our reviews are genuine.
  • We provide LIFETIME access to the course after purchase.

Our current online NEBOSH courses include:

Study our NEBOSH National General Certificate Course

Enrol onto our NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safey Course for Immediate and Lifetime Access to interactive video tutorials. Maximising your chances of NEBOSH exam success today!